Qualities of Aluminum Extrusion: Expanding Uses of Aluminum

qualities of aluminum extrusionCompared to other metals typically used in the construction of automotive, aerospace, military, and marine industry vessels, products, and components, aluminum is quite remarkable. The natural, inherent qualities of this environmentally-friendly material make it very attractive to designers and developers across many different industries. Aluminum’s low density and high strength, ability to resist corrosion, and even repair that protective layer makes it definitely something to consider for many different types of manufacturing needs. Custom aluminum extrusions can be designed and manufactured at our one stop shop fabrication, extrusion, and finishing facility in Southeastern Massachusetts. Painting aluminum products, as well as applying powder-coating and anodizing services, can help to further extend the protective nature of this amazing metal.

High Strength, Low Weight Ratio

One of the clear benefits to using custom aluminum extrusions for industry is the high strength and durability of this metal in relation to its natural, lightweight nature. Certain industries, in particular automotive, aerospace, marine, and trucking, have been able to take advantage of these qualities of aluminum extrusion to increase fuel economy. As the automotive industry is tasked with more intense restrictions and regulations by the government in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions and pollution in the US and around the world, aluminum extrusion has come to the rescue. We are able to create lighter weight and more affordable aluminum extrusions to replace heavier and more costly steel, iron, and copper parts for the automotive and transportation industries.

You can understand how a strong and durable metal that weighs just one-third that of steel and iron would be attractive to the marine and aerospace industries. It’s not just about fuel economy but better handling and improved performance. At Silver City Aluminum, we work with a wide range of industries to provide them with custom aluminum extrusions according to their unique specifications and requirements. We can also provide design support, engineering insight, and information, as well as finishing services, including painting aluminum products. Finishing treatments can enhance the performance of the completed design, adding color, texture, and a thicker protective layer to prevent corrosion, abrasive damage, and other issues that could result in early failure.

Environmentally-Friendly and Affordable

Two other reasons why many manufacturers and designers choose to use custom aluminum extrusions is that the aluminum material is very friendly to the environment and, as a result, more affordable than other similar metals and materials. Aluminum is the most plentiful metal on earth and is also the most frequently recycled, not just in the United States but also in many other countries. Public awareness and education about this amazing metal has spread far and wide. There are also many incentives to recycling and reusing aluminum materials.

At Silver City Aluminum, we use aluminum billet that comes from many different manufacturers. Our aluminum is 99.9 percent recyclable and comes in a variety of alloys that are chosen for their ability to be used by the different industries that we serve. Structural aluminum, as well as aluminum for parts, products, and components, must be strong enough to stand up to the type of work it is intended to accomplish. We offer one stop shop fabrication at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility, which helps to streamline the process, ensure greater quality control and integrity in the finished product, and offer quicker lead times than the industry standard.

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