Custom Extrusion Design: Enhance the Results of Finished Products

custom extrusion designThere are many benefits associated with designing custom aluminum products. While there are many uses for standard extrusions, including tubes, angles, and rectangles, the advantages that can come from custom extrusion design are many. When you work with an experienced team of engineers and technicians, like the ones at Silver City Aluminum, you can be confident in knowing that you will get the best possible results. We work with each client from the initial development phase to provide insight and information that can be used to improve practically any design. For example, the type of alloys that are used and the techniques applied can enhance the strength of the finished product or even prevent corrosion through design.

Extrusion Makes Aluminum Stronger

The actual process of extrusion works to make the finished metal pieces even stronger than the would be without it. Heating the metal to a specific temperature and then forcing it through a steel die at more than 10 million pounds of pressure helps to increase the strength of custom aluminum products. This makes the aluminum even more valuable for certain industries that require aluminum industry solutions that are dependable, durable, and long-lasting. Some examples of the industries that rely on custom extrusion design include the automotive and marine industries. Structural, framing, finishing, and more can all be accomplished through the use of quality designed aluminum extrusion parts.

The best way to understand how the extrusion process works is to think about a toothpaste tube, a pasta machine, or those dough machines that kids use to make shapes out of play clay. The aluminum is heated to a temperature that makes it soft and malleable, similar to the toothpaste, pasta, or dough. It is then pushed through the extrusion machine to create a specific shape. Opposing stretchers are then used to pull the extruded metal into the right dimensions before it is cut and cooled according to the customers’ specifications. Additional processes may be applied at this point, including deburring, machining, painting, anodizing, and other beneficial secondary operations.

Reasons to Choose Aluminum Extrusion

While the cost to make structural aluminum extrusion may be more costly than that of steel, it is quicker to manufacture, provides an eco-friendly solution for manufacturers that focus on sustainability, and ends up being more cost-effective due to the money saved on labor costs for specialized secondary services. The costs associated with custom extrusion design include the molding of the die, the materials themselves, and the time and teamwork that it takes to make it. The initial upfront cost may be substantial, but over time the money saved by purchasing custom aluminum products that are ready to be used will make it more than worth the investment.

Aluminum has a natural surface oxide layer that protects it from scratches and other types of damage caused by exposure to chemicals or abrasives. This prevents corrosion, such as rust, and other common issues experienced in industries where there are a lot of chemicals. Additional protection can be provided in the form of painting or powder-coating and anodizing. This not only helps to prevent corrosion through design but it also helps to add color, texture, and other beneficial attributes to the finished aluminum pieces. Other benefits include the inherent qualities of the aluminum alloy itself, such as being lightweight yet very strong, non-toxic, non-magnetic, and useful in many residential and commercial construction projects.

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