6000 Series Aluminum Alloys: The Best Options for Extrusion

aluminum alloy for extrusionThere are a lot of elements that go into creating the perfect recipe for aluminum extrusion. At Silver City Aluminum, we primarily use the 6000 series aluminum alloys for extrusion. Extruded aluminum for industry must be strong, durable, and resistant to corrosion. It must also have the level of hardness, ductility, tensile strength, and toughness to stand up to the environment and conditions in which it will be used. Alloyed metals provide many benefits compared to simply using the raw metal by itself. Alloys provide the means to integrate even more desirable properties while getting rid of qualities that are not beneficial to the parts, products, or components that are being created.

Aluminum Alloy Series

There are seven different series available of aluminum alloys for use in manufacturing. While not all are good candidates for extrusion, they all have their own benefits and purposes for the various industries that they serve. The 1000 series is what is known as commercial pure aluminum. The 2000 series adds in an alloy of copper that makes it heat-treatable. The 3000, 4000, and 5000 series are not heat-treatable. The 3000 series contains an alloy of manganese, the 4000 series contains silicon, and the 5000 series uses magnesium. The 7000 series is an alloy that is made of 99.9 percent recyclable aluminum and zinc. The 6000 series, the aluminum alloys for extrusion that we use at Silver City Aluminum, is made of an alloy that includes aluminum, magnesium, and silicon. Like the 2000 and 7000 series, it is heat-treatable, which makes it an excellent candidate to make extruded aluminum for industry.

Aluminum by itself has many beneficial qualities, including natural corrosion resistance, strength, and excellent conductivity with heat and electricity, among other attributes. However, when mixed with another metal or element to create a specific type of alloy, it becomes even better. Most aluminum alloys contain between 90-96 percent aluminum, with the other elements and metals making up the difference. The series that are used classify the various alloys based on their characteristics and the elements used in their creation. The 6000 series is an aluminum alloy family that contains magnesium and silicon as the primary alloy components. However, other elements can also be used to increase strength and attributes, as needed. The heat-treatable description of this series simply means that it can be thermally treated to enhance the strength properties of the finished metal.

More About the 6000 Series

At Silver City Aluminum, we use the 6005, 6063, 6463 alloys from the 6000 series. The 6005 alloy contains a greater amount of silicon, which is done to reduce the melting point and improve extrudability. It can be welded or brazed, offers excellent resistance to corrosion, offers advantageous finishing characteristics, working well with anodizing and painted finishes. Typically used for extruded aluminum for industry that includes tubing for furniture parts, components for railways, portable ladders, and any situation where a strength greater than 6063 might be required.

The 6063 alloy offers unique benefits of its own and is made with lower magnesium and silicon levels than other aluminum alloys in the 6000 series. However, this makes it the perfect choice for manufacturing door and window frames, railings, parts for marine vessels, automotive industry components, and tubes for many different purposes. Overall, the 6000 series aluminum alloys are used more than other alloys to create extruded aluminum for industry needs. At Silver City, we can offer engineer and technician support during the development and manufacturing phases to ensure the best possible results. We work with many different industries, including transportation, automotive, marine, construction, military, aerospace, and much more.

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