Aluminum Extrusion and Fabrication for Construction Industry

aluminum-extrusion-fabricationThere are many advantages of using aluminum for the design of custom profiles that can be essential components, parts, and products in many different industries. Working with a knowledgeable extrusion manufacturer can yield additional benefits, such as taking advantage of the inherent qualities of the alloy itself, as well as in the design of custom extrusion profiles. Aluminum extrusion and fabrication have many benefits for consumer goods, the automotive industry, the LED lighting industry, and even construction. The extrusion process itself helps to increase the high strength-to-weight ratio of the aluminum and, in many cases, makes it a better choice than more costly steel. Painting aluminum products and using other finishing solutions can help to boost the natural resistance of this remarkable metal and help it to provide many years of long-lasting strength and durability.

Structural Aluminum Extrusions

Custom built-in structures for server rooms, workstations, material handling systems, and other industrial and commercial applications are one of the many ways that custom extrusion profiles benefit industry. Modular extrusions, made to work together seamlessly to create unique storage and workstations, are valued by businesses around the globe. The many advantages of using aluminum include cost-effectiveness, resistance to corrosion, a high strength-to-weight ratio, thermal adaptability, electrical and thermal conductivity, non-toxic nature, recyclability, and the ability to make practically any shape and size part, component, or product.

You might think that designing custom aluminum extrusion and fabrication would be more costly than using standard shapes and sizes. However, once the initial cost for the custom design has been paid for in the labor costs and time-loss savings, the cost-effectiveness becomes clear. Instead of having to spend additional time and money to weld or join parts, fabricate special pieces, or perform time-consuming secondary operations, you can get it all done under one roof at Silver City Aluminum. We do everything in-house, from the design and development of custom extrusion profiles to painting aluminum products and shipping. We do it all ourselves to ensure the best possible quality control, consistency, and lead times for our customers. Located in Southeastern Massachusetts, we provide our services to customers throughout the New England area, across the country, and around the globe.

Using Aluminum Extrusion in Construction

There are many advantages of using aluminum in the construction industry – some that many are surprised to learn are better than more costly steel and copper. The extrusion process forces the metal through a shaped design at a high pressure to create the desired profile. Aluminum is extremely malleable, especially when heated to the proper temperature, which makes it easier for manufacturers to shape it with precision for industrial use. Construction job sites are using more extruded aluminum parts than ever before and architects, particularly those who are interested in designing environmentally-friendly structures for LEED Certification, are also very interested in aluminum materials.

Aluminum extrusion and fabrication can be used to support just about any industrial need. Aluminum alloys have better thermal and electrical conductivity than copper and at a fraction of the cost. Aluminum extrusions can be customized in ways that steel simply cannot, and they are significantly more cost-effective. While aluminum cannot be used for the framing of a building, it can be used throughout the construction process in many different ways. In particular, integrated custom extrusion profiles make it easier to create strong, durable, and reliable building systems, including structural, mechanical, plumbing, heating, and much more. One hundred percent recyclable and reusable, aluminum is the smart choice for businesses that want to create more eco-friendly designs. Other industries are taking notice as well, increasing their use of extruded aluminum profiles to enjoy the advantages of using aluminum.

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If you are interested in learning more about aluminum extrusion and fabrication for industry, contact our team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians by calling 508-824-8631. We can answer any questions you might have about designing custom extrusion profiles, painting aluminum products, and other customizations for your business. There are many advantages of using aluminum extrusion, and here at Silver City Aluminum, we take the time to work with each customer to ensure that they get the most significant return on their investment when using this amazing metal and very versatile manufacturing method.