Professional Design Consultation for Custom Aluminum Extrusion

design consultation for custom aluminum extrusionsOne of the ways that the services we provide to our customers are different from the average aluminum extrusion facility is our professional design consultation services. We have a team of dedicated engineers and designers who work directly with our clients to create custom aluminum extrusions profiles that meet their requirements and exceed expectations. If you are in the market to design custom profiles for aluminum alloys, our team can help you achieve your goals. Take advantage of our many years of experience working with aluminum extrusion design services to create finished pieces that offer increased strength, corrosion resistance, durability, and functional features.

Designing for Corrosion Resistance

Did you know that aluminum features a natural resistance to corrosion? When aluminum or aluminum alloy is exposed to oxygen, an oxide layer of protection forms on the surface. The layer protects the aluminum underneath from scratches and abrasions, as well as corrosive damage, such as rust. If the oxide layer becomes damaged in some way, it reforms on its own immediately to protect the newly exposed surface from further harm. There are certain things that our engineers can help you to apply when you design custom profiles for aluminum that will increase corrosion resistance. If your parts, products, or components will be used in an environment where damage is a concern, we can also provide you with custom finishing options as part of our professional design consultation. Painting services that exceed the industry standard, as well as powder-coating and anodizing, can be used to increase the layer of protection as part of our aluminum extrusion design services.

Designing to Avoid Surface Defects

Our engineers will work with you to assist in the design of your custom aluminum extrusions. However, we also offer a wide range of engineering tips that you can use to assist you in the planning to design custom profiles for aluminum. It is essential that you always indicate any exposed surfaces in your design drawing so the extruder can provide special attention to protect the finish during extrusion and post-extrusion handling. It is crucial to know that the narrower the exposed surface, the more uniform the final finish will appear. Abrupt changes in the thickness of the metal, including any flanges or webs, may show up as marks on the opposite side of the extrusion, especially of the sections are thin. Our professional design consultation team can use thoughtful design techniques to minimize the marking of exposed surfaces.

Designing for the End-User

Another way that our team has been so successful in helping our clients to design custom profiles for aluminum extrusion is to keep the focus on the end-user. The way that the item will be used, where it will be used, and the frequency or consistency of use can benefit from this type of approach to design. Different types of finishes can be applied to the same face of the extrusion to enhance it in either an aesthetic or functional way. One example of this is a part that has recessed parts that are protected with a more polished finish as opposed to other areas that might require a brushed finish solution. By choosing the brushed finish for custom aluminum extrusions, it is possible to disguise any contact marks that might be made by normal handling or repeated everyday use.

Designing for High-Quality Results

Every service that we provide to our customers is done with the intention of delivering high-quality products that meet or exceed expectations. In order to achieve this, much of the work that we do exceeds the industry standards to provide longer-lasting, more durable, and better-quality products. Whether you work with Silver City Aluminum to design custom profiles for aluminum to be used as parts, components, or products, we can work with you to ensure the best possible results whether you do a short-run or high-volume run order. Contact our team directly to discuss your needs for aluminum extrusion design services and manufacturing. We can answer any questions you might have about our custom aluminum extrusions and help you to get all of the secondary operations, custom finishing, and special delivery options that you need to achieve your goals. Contact our team today by calling 508-824-8631 and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales or engineering staff.