Custom Extrusion Design: Quality Solutions from Start to Finish

custom aluminum extrusion solutionsWhen it comes to the design and manufacture of the parts, components, and products that your organization produces and sells, it pays to focus on the details. Custom extrusion design can help you to achieve your goals, keep your costs down, and ensure that you have the quality parts that you need when and where you need them. At Silver City Aluminum, we have found that the sooner we can get involved in the design process with our clients, the better the results. We take pride in our ability to get fully involved in the engineering and development of our customers’ projects and the quality aluminum extrusion solutions that we are able to produce. Our goal is to help each client by providing the absolute best standards of quality control and service, delivering a superior product to exceed expectations. From engineering and design all the way through to extrusion, fabrication, and custom aluminum coating solutions, we keep our focus on quality products and exceptional customer service for every client that we serve.

Custom Extrusion Design and Production

At our Southeastern Massachusetts facility, every member of our team has been highly trained and has the experience necessary to get the job done right. Through our many years of providing quality products, we have found new ways to help our clients achieve their goals and exceed expectations. As custom aluminum extruders, we purchase our billet from several different suppliers and use materials that are made of 99.9 percent recyclable aluminum. Once we receive the billet, which comes in long lengths, we pre-cut the seven-inch diameter pieces into the proper size, according to each order. This helps us to minimize scrap, reduce costs, and create cuts that are accurate to the length and weight of the profile. Once the custom extrusion design or standard profile has been selected, we pre-heat the billets in one of our long ovens before the are brought to the extrusion press. A specific temperature is used to ensure high-quality results.

Our team pushes the metal through the steel profile with approximately ten million pounds of pressure to create the desired shape. The malleable aluminum material flows through the die to come out the other side in the custom or standard profile. The extruded aluminum is then brought to our 160-foot table, where it can be stretched while still warm through the use of opposing stretchers. This helps us to achieve the specific dimension according to the customer’s requirements. The metal is then cooled and cut to the client’s requested length before we take it to be heat-treated. The heat-treating process helps the aluminum to harden to its maximum capacity so the client can take advantage of its full strength. All of the components in our extrusion system are state-of-the-art and top-of-the-line. Fully integrated and automate, we are able to communicate with our machines via PLC control technology to ensure the best possible quality results.

Additional Services

Once the aluminum extrusion solutions have been produced, the next steps are taken to ensure they meet our highest quality standards. Fabrication options can be provided, including CNC fabrication for long and short-part fabrication, punching, precision sawing, heli-coiling, and mitering. We provide deburring services for any part that has received additional fabrication to ensure that no aluminum burrs are left behind when the product is delivered to the client. We use a combination of vibratory and tumble deburring, depending on the needs of the product that has been fabricated. We also offer complete assembly services for the products that we produce for our clients as an additional service. We do all of this work in-house at our New England facility.

Finishing services can also be provided for our aluminum extrusion solutions. We offer painting, powder-coating, and anodizing options to our clients, to help them achieve their goals. Some custom aluminum coating solutions are purely for aesthetic purposes, and we carry a wide range of colors to help match your brand or meet industry required specifications. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure quality, removing each part by hand after monitoring and checking it throughout the painting or anodizing process. Other finishing options can add function to a piece, such as a grip texture or use of color to indicate where to hold or handle the final product. If you are interested in learning more about custom extrusion design, fabrication, and finishing services at Silver City Aluminum, give us a call at 508-542-7200.