Benefits of Aluminum Extrusion vs Other Types of Production

advantages of aluminum extrusionThere are several different methods used in the manufacture of metal parts, products, and components. However, a closer look at these different types reveals that there is a clear advantage to choosing to work with extruded aluminum parts. Some of the other methods used include casting and forging, both of which are used regularly with raw aluminum materials. There are many benefits of aluminum extrusion that can make it significantly more advantageous than the others. Some of the ways that custom extrusion dies and standard profiles used with aluminum alloy can benefit businesses looking to manufacture parts, products, and components include cost, quick results, and high volume production. Additional advantages come directly from the aluminum material itself, which can be enough cause for organizations to choose to work with this versatile metal.

Why Extrusion is Superior to Other Methods

When you consider what happens to the aluminum throughout the extrusion process, it becomes quickly apparent why it is a superior form of manufacturing. The aluminum alloy is force through a metal profile or die, which is smaller than the cut billet that is used to make it. The metal is heat-treated prior to extrusion in order to make it more malleable and easier to push through the steel die. At Silver City Aluminum, we have a specific temperature that we use with our standard, and custom extrusion dies. We also push our aluminum alloys through the profile at approximately 10,000,000 pounds of pressure. This metal-forming process creates and enhances various chemical properties within the aluminum itself throughout production.

Once the shape has been formed through extrusion, the pieces are moved to our 160-foot tables, where they are pulled and stretched into the proper dimension. They are cooled and then sliced according to customer specifications before being heat-treated in one of our special ovens. These specialized steps help to increase the strength-to-weight ratio of the aluminum throughout the Southeastern Massachusetts extrusion and fabrication process, making it even more valuable to the client and the end-user. Scientifically, this process produces an elongated grain structure within the aluminum itself, which is how the mechanical strength of the alloy is increased. These are just some of the benefits of aluminum extrusion in the way that it is made.

Other Benefits of Aluminum Extrusion

There are still other reasons to choose to work with aluminum alloy, and standard or custom extrusion dies for the production of your parts, components, and products. Compared to other methods, extrusion is very cost-effective and can deliver high-volume projects in a short amount of time. Even when custom extruded aluminum parts are needed, the most time-intensive part of the process is the design phase, which our team of engineers can assist with to ensure the best possible results. Compared to other types of metal forming processes, extrusion is used across multiple industries to create unique and beneficial results. The force that is used to extrude the aluminum makes it even more compressive, enhancing its natural strength and durability. Other operations can be performed, including custom coating solutions, to make it even more advantageous and provide further protection from extreme or corrosive environments.

Custom extrusion dies can be used to provide a high extrusion ratio, increasing the ratio of the cross-section area to create complex shapes. The initial investment of time and finances to create the custom profile will pay off in the amount of time and costs saved compared to having to weld or otherwise join aluminum parts together to create the desired shape. Aluminum itself is very eco-friendly, being the most plentiful metal on the planet and the most frequently recycled. It can be recycled again and again without losing any of its inherent qualities, which include a high strength-to-weight ratio, natural resistance to corrosion through a self-healing oxide layer, excellent conduction of heat and electricity, as well as being non-toxic and non-magnetic. The strength of aluminum actually increases in cold weather, compared to other metals like steel, which can become brittle in cold temperatures. To learn more about our services for Massachusetts extrusion and fabrication, give us a call at 508-824-8631 and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members about your needs for custom extruded aluminum parts.