Reduce Production Costs with Custom Aluminum Extrusion Design

reduce production costs with custom aluminum extrusionIn the world of product manufacturing, time is money. The more time that can be saved during production, the faster the lead times and the bigger the profit. One of the best ways to protect your bottom line is to invest in custom aluminum extrusion. While the initial cost to design your own profile for extrusion must be taken into consideration, the savings that can be achieved by eliminating expensive secondary operations and third-party services will make it more cost-effective all around. Silver City Aluminum specializes in custom extrusion design. We work with each client to create unique profile shapes designed to enhance the quality, improve the integrity, and streamline the manufacture through the use of extrusion and fabrication at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility. We can help you design profiles and dies for extrusion that will exceed expectations.

The Secret to Our Success

One of the reasons why we are so successful with custom aluminum extrusion is that we have the unique ability to get fully involved in the design process for our customers’ projects. Through our many years of working with extrusion and fabrication, we have discovered that the more we are able to get involved in the process of product development, the more we are able to help our clients design profiles and dies for extrusion that will meet their needs. Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians work together with each customer to improve custom extrusion design to guarantee quality control and ensure exceptional customer service.

Custom extrusion design allows us to streamline the services that we provide. We do everything in-house at our New England facility. From design services to extrusion, fabrication, finishing, and shipping, there are no delays caused by the use of third-party providers because we do it all ourselves. We are very proud of our lead times – compared to the rest of the aluminum extrusion industry, they are outstanding! The industry standard is between 30-45 days from the date the order is placed for custom aluminum extrusion projects to the day that the items are delivered to the client. We have the ability to get finished custom aluminum products delivered to our clients via our own fleet of trucks within just three to four weeks maximum. This is our STANDARD lead time at Silver City Aluminum.

Custom Design Advantages

Our team is able to manufacture complex extruded aluminum profiles that are designed to meet the demanding requirements of the customers that we serve. Some of our specific areas of proficiency include the ability to produce extrusions that include tight tolerances, small design envelopes, and unique features built-in to the design. There are many benefits associated with choosing to design profiles and dies for extrusion that meets your unique needs and requirements. Custom aluminum extrusion can eliminate costly machining that not only adds to the price of each product but can also increase lead times considerably. Another advantage of custom extrusion and fabrication is that it can minimize the part size and weight compared to machining, welding, and joining to create a similarly shaped part.

Compared to the use of other materials and manufacturing methods, custom aluminum extrusion offers the ability to produce parts, products, and components according to standard industry tolerances. The technique used for extrusion makes this type of operation even more economical to produce than other types of parts with special or industry standard tolerances. Our team of engineers and technicians continue to work with our customers to improve on the design to yield better results as technology, techniques, and new methods can be applied to lower costs or eliminate additional services. Overall, meeting product specifications for production can be much easier when you are able to order parts created through the use of custom extrusion design.

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If you are interested in learning more about custom aluminum extrusion or would like to hear how it can be used to work for you and your manufacturing business, contact our team directly. We can answer any questions that you might have about how to design profiles and dies for extrusion, as well as offer a FREE estimate for our services. Call Silver City Aluminum at 508-542-7200 to speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly team members.