Custom Aluminum Extrusion for Industry: Keep Moving Forward

keep moving forward aluminum extrusion industryIn addition to standard and custom aluminum products, we also offer a wide range of services and solutions to provide aluminum extrusion for industry needs. Some of the special custom designs that we have done are very unique and have provided our customers with parts, products, and components that the initially did not think would be possible. We are proud of the work that we have been able to accomplish for our customers and of our commitment to providing top quality results. Our mission is to keep moving forward, delivering even more custom solutions, tighter tolerances, and more innovative production to meet customer demands and exceed expectations.

Specialty Services and Applications

Some of the special extrusions that we have done include snow making applications, liquid nitrogen to gas exchange cold sinks, collars for the automotive industry, and telescoping profiles. The snow making gun designs that we have worked on are highly efficient and take advantage of the inherent qualities of aluminum. Light in weight yet extremely durable and perfectly suited for very cold temperatures, our aluminum industry solutions for the snow making industry are strong enough to withstand high pressure and heavy usage. The tanks that our liquid nitrogen to gas exchange cold sinks were designed for are those very large holding tanks that you can see at commercial buildings, hospital parking lots, municipal public buildings, and other professional locations.

We are extremely proud of the contributions that our aluminum extrusion for industry has made to the automotive industry. As you may know, the automotive industry has been challenged by the federal government to significantly improve fuel economy in consumer vehicles. The collars that we make are extruded and fabricated in a very efficient manner. They are first extruded into long lengths before being cut into smaller pieces. Then, those smaller pieces are used to manufacture opposite collars. Overall, this approach helps to reduce costs, making them more affordable for our clients while providing an effective and durable alternative to more costly and weighty steel. Aluminum is approximately one-third the weight of the same volume of steel, which helps automotive manufacturers decrease weight to increase fuel efficiency.

Popular Aluminum Industry Solutions

Some of the more widely used custom aluminum products that we have made for our clients who serve essential industries, including consumer goods, construction, and infrastructure, include a variety of different framing materials. From picture frames to framing for windows and doors, display frames for the visual display industry, and other commercial products, our aluminum products help to streamline manufacturing and eliminate many post extrusion operations. By reducing the amount of fabrication and work that needs to be done to these custom aluminum designs, we are able to improve lead times, lower costs, and ensure that our customers get a quality and dependable product.

Our custom aluminum extrusion services are an excellent choice for the creation of durable, high quality materials that can be used to protect valuable imagery for consumer and commercial use. We also work a lot in the area of extruding materials for our clients who work with LED lighting and track lighting products. We specialize in making custom aluminum tracks for just about any type of fixture, and our abilities to create a truly custom product and conform specifically to the client’s lighting fixture needs and produce the parts, products, and components they need to grow and expand their business. Our motto with regard to custom aluminum tracks is – if you can imagine it, we can make it.

Quality Control & Customer Service

At Silver City Aluminum, our entire team of engineers, designers, and technicians is dedicated to providing the absolute best standards of quality control and service to each and every client. Our mission is to produce superior aluminum industry solutions that exceed all expectations. We stay focused on the application of the product itself, considering all specifics of its intended end use while allowing us to deliver more quality and beneficial products. We take pride in being able to get fully involved in the design process for every one of our customers’ projects. Contact our team by calling 508-824-8631 to speak with one of our customer service agents about your needs for custom aluminum products.