The Outlook for Aluminum Products: Custom Aluminum Extrusions

aluminum extrusion market in 2022According to a recent market study, the aluminum extrusion products market is anticipated to grow from USD 84350 million in 2020 to USD 118300 million by 2026. The most significant increase in growth is expected to be between 2022 and 2026, as more industries, consumer demands, and government regulations all but require the use of aluminum products to achieve industry goals. One market, in particular, has much more at stake than the others. Automotive industry aluminum is expected to increase considerably, particularly as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the US recently announced a new higher 40 MPG average emissions standard by 2026, up from 38 MPG in previous proposals. Aluminum fabrication shops will ultimately play a significant role in helping automotive manufacturers meet these stringent goals.

Advantages of Aluminum Materials

One of the most notable qualities of aluminum materials is the high strength-to-weight ratio, particularly when it comes to custom aluminum extrusions. Other benefits include highly available supplies of aluminum, the ability to recycle aluminum over and over again without losing its inherent qualities, and a natural resistance to corrosive rust. The new standards for auto manufacturers are the strongest ever established for passenger vehicles in the United States, and engineers are already busy working hard to make it happen. The goal is to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to reduce the amount of pollution in the air and lower the amount that people have to spend on fuel.

Aluminum fabrication shops like Silver City Aluminum are already providing vehicle manufacturers with custom aluminum extrusions designed to replace heavier steel parts. Aluminum is approximately one-third the weight of steel yet offers similar strength qualities. Reducing the overall weight of the vehicle by replacing certain components with aluminum products can significantly improve fuel economy without sacrificing safety, durability, and quality. At Silver City, we produce automotive industry aluminum parts in the form of collars. These parts are extruded into long lengths before being cut into smaller pieces. The smaller pieces are then used to fabricate opposite collars, which helps to reduce costs overall for our clients and is an effective and durable alternative to more costly – and heavier – steel.

The American Aluminum Extrusion Market

We read a lot about the global and China aluminum extrusion products markets, as they have both expanded rapidly in recent years. However, aluminum products are in high demand right here in the United States, impacting manufacturing needs significantly. There are many different types of products and applications, depending on the markets that they serve. Electronics, automotive, machinery, equipment, transportation, logistics, building and construction, electrical, consumer, aerospace, military, marine, and many other industries currently drive the growth of aluminum extrusion in the United States. Both standard and custom profile designs are rising in popularity for manufacturers.

According to one study, while much is being said about China’s growth, North America continues to lead the way, with aluminum fabrication shops serving the United States, Canada, and Mexico coming out on top. It is essential to work with an extrusion facility that has the knowledge, experience, equipment, and capacity to handle your orders, whether that means custom aluminum extrusions for consumer electronics manufacturing or automotive industry aluminum designed to achieve government regulations. When you work with Silver City Aluminum, we can assist you in the early phases of development to ensure that you maximize the return on your investment and take advantage of all the inherent qualities of aluminum for your project. Custom profile designs can be used to streamline manufacturing, reducing lead times and improving the strength, durability, and function of your finished product. However, it is crucial to work with an extrusion shop that can help you achieve your goals.

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