Custom Aluminum Extrusion Designing and Engineering Services

custom aluminum extrusion designOne of the most essential services available for manufacturers who wish to utilize aluminum extrusion is custom designing and engineering. At Silver City Aluminum, we have discovered that the sooner we can get involved in the development phase for custom aluminum extrusion with our clients, the more we are able to help to create a finished design that will meet their unique needs and specifications. We take pride in our ability to get fully involved in the design process for every project we take on at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility. In addition, to design and extrusion services, we also provide complete post extrusion operations, fabrication, finishing, and quality control services in-house to assist our clients in achieving their goals. Specialty applications, unique environmental requirements, and methods to prevent corrosion through design are just some of the advantages associated with choosing our team for your custom aluminum extrusion needs.

Aluminum Extrusion Benefits

There are many advantages associated with choosing aluminum for manufacturing. In addition, the extrusion process itself helps to enhance the strength properties of the aluminum material, making it well-suited for everything from automotive manufacturing to structural projects and everything in between. Unlike steel, which becomes brittle in cold temperatures, aluminum increases its strength when the mercury drops, making it perfect for extreme environments. The construction industry relies on standard and custom aluminum extrusions for many different materials, as it is more durable, reliable, and adaptable than similar components made with other metals. Structural components are used in many various industries as well, including construction, transportation, infrastructure, marine, and industrial machining.

Aluminum extrusion design can help to reduce waste, lower overhead costs, and significantly reduce lead times for the manufacture of essential parts, components, and products. The process of extrusion itself is extremely flexible, allowing for many unique options when it comes to the design of custom aluminum extrusions. The aluminum material is heated to a specific temperature before being pushed at 10,000,000 pounds of pressure through the desired die or profile. Once the shape is designed, it can be used over and over again to continue recreating the profiles according to the client’s needs and specifications. Once the shape is extruded, it is stretched while still warm to achieve the required size before cutting it into lengths.

Aluminum Extrusion for Construction

When most consumers think about aluminum as a material, they instantly picture an aluminum soda can and remember how easily it can be crushed. Not so with extruded aluminum, which is made from a different alloy and is heat-treated to maximize the strength and other essential qualities of this amazingly diverse metal. Aluminum has become a crucial material choice in the construction industry, in large part due to its affordability, availability, and structural integrity. It is used to create energy-efficient doors and windows, used by architects and designers to add metal accents to glass surfaces, and is popularly used to create LED lighting, stairwells, safety railings, elevator shafts, and even decorative accents within the interior.

The environmentally-friendly nature of aluminum also makes it attractive to builders who are working toward LEED certification for construction. The use of this plentiful, 100 percent recyclable metal helps home designers to achieve the scores they need for creating a home or building that meets the standards for eco-friendly design. Custom aluminum extrusions can be used in many different ways throughout a structure. It can be integrated into nearly all areas of building construction, including plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and much more. The alloy that you choose will increase the natural benefits of this popular material, and the manufacturer that you select will also play a significant role. At Silver City Aluminum, our engineers and technicians can help you learn how to prevent corrosion through design, reduce the need for post extrusion operations, and offer insight that can help you reduce costs and improve lead times. Contact our team directly by calling 508-542-7200 and speaking with one of our customer service agents about your needs. We can answer any questions you might have about standard and custom aluminum extrusions, offer a free estimate for our services, and provide details on all of our services that we provide at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility.