American Aluminum Extrusion: Quality Products Made in the USA

American aluminum extrusion industryMore and more businesses and consumers are choosing to work with manufacturers that utilize American-made products. The aluminum extrusion industry is one of those unique opportunities for companies to design their own custom aluminum extruders to support their industrial manufacturing needs. The New England marine industry, American automotive manufacturers, construction businesses, and many other essential resources rely heavily on American aluminum extrusion to help them achieve their goals. There are many advantages associated with using aluminum alloys and even more when the parts, components, and products are extruded. Silver City Aluminum is located in Southeastern Massachusetts and provides professional aluminum services, including custom engineering and manufacturing, to clients across the country.

Supply and Demand

One of the reasons many organizations choose to work with American aluminum extrusion facilities is to keep up with their supply and demand concerns. With so many issues occurring in the supply chain, the aluminum extrusion industry in the United States has much to offer manufacturers. Aluminum is considered to be the most plentiful metal on the planet, and, in addition, it can be recycled over and over without losing any of its inherent qualities. So while other materials and types of manufacturing may be stalled or delayed due to supply issues, the aluminum extrusion industry is still hard at work completing orders and providing parts, products, and components to customers across the nation.

While some companies move overseas to reduce production and labor costs, there are risks associated with that approach. It is often much better to keep all of your suppliers and business relationships right here in the United States. There are many benefits associated with using custom aluminum extruders in America as opposed to going overseas. When it comes to the aluminum extrusion industry, the costs are already significantly lower than other types of metal manufacturing, and custom design can help to reduce overhead and time constraints even further by eliminating many secondary operations, including welding and other types of fabrication.

Excellent Lead Times

At Silver City Aluminum, our lead times are outstanding. We are extremely proud of our ability to significantly beat the industry standard on the delivery of our American aluminum extrusion products. Most manufacturers are able to deliver custom aluminum extrusion orders between 30-45 days on average from the date that the order is placed until it arrives at the client’s location. Our team is able to finish custom aluminum products and deliver them to clients via our own fleet of trucks within 3-4 weeks maximum. This is our standard lead time. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals is committed to producing quality products that meet or exceed expectations.

We are also able to do emergency special orders for our clients who urgently need materials. Our team can come together to produce orders and deliver them within three days to a week, if necessary. This is only in case of emergency and is done as a special favor to our clients.

Benefits of American Aluminum Extrusion

When your organization decides to buy from American manufacturers for any of the parts, components, or products that you sell, you gain a clear advantage over your competitors. Not only will you be able to definitively say that your products are made in the USA – a huge selling point with today’s consumers, but you will also be supporting jobs here at home for American workers. The aluminum extrusion industry supports many other businesses, including the New England marine industry, American trucking industries, consumer goods, construction, aerospace, military, and more. Buying American can help to reduce costs for deliveries, saving on inbound and outbound delivery and shipping costs, and result in significantly shorter lead times, like the ones we provide at Silver City Aluminum.

American aluminum extrusion is considered to be highly environmentally friendly. The aluminum alloy itself is a “green” material, but when made locally in the United States, companies increase the benefits, cutting down on transit and delivery costs while helping to reduce greenhouse gases associated with international shipping. The US-based aluminum extrusion industry also adheres to a higher standard of safety and quality control, something that we take pride in at Silver City Aluminum. We offer extrusion, fabrication, finishing, and other extra services in-house to maintain control over the quality of the orders that we fill for our clients. Contact our team of customer service agents to learn more about all of the services we provide at Silver City Aluminum by calling 508-542-7200.