The Best Metal for the Job: Top Benefits of Aluminum Products

One of the most versatile and plentiful metals on the planet, it is no surprise that the use of aluminum for manufacturing is on the rise around the globe. The benefits of aluminum products will dazzle and amaze you, underscoring the demand for this truly amazing material. Custom extrusion solutions for industry are also on the rise, as many manufacturers have realized the advantages provided with extrusion. In fact, the aluminum extrusion industry is anticipated to experience high growth in the next few years with no signs of slowing. Silver City Aluminum offers a wide range of services that include aluminum extrusion, fabrication, and custom aluminum coating solutions. We specialize in the design and production of a vast array of products and serve a wide range of clients who work in nearly every industry.

Why Aluminum is the Best Metal

Many consider aluminum to be one of the best metals on the planet. It is cost-effective, friendly to the environment, easy to work with, and can be made into practically any shape to create parts, components, and products for manufacturers. Aluminum is extremely durable and is being used by many automotive manufacturers to replace heftier and more costly steel. Coming in at just one-third the weight of steel, aluminum provides car designers with a means of ensuring safety while meeting fuel economy challenges made by the global governments. Lighter weight means less energy consumption, providing car owners with better gas mileage and dependable safety for drivers and passengers.

In addition to durability and a high strength-to-weight ratio, aluminum also has a natural resistance to corrosion. An oxide layer forms on the surface of aluminum, providing protection from corrosion and other types of damage, including rust. It is possible to increase the resistance to corrosion through the use of custom aluminum coating solutions, such as anodizing and painting. It pays to work with a quality manufacturer that can help you maximize the benefits of aluminum products and offer custom design opportunities to create unique extrusion solutions for industry. At Silver City Aluminum, our many years of experience working with customers just like you has helped us to stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge design and extrusion methods to ensure the best possible results.

Surprising Characteristics of Aluminum

You might be surprised to learn that aluminum also has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. In fact, aluminum is a superior alternative to copper, even though it is significantly cheaper to produce. Aluminum has 61 percent of the conductivity of copper and comes in at just 30 percent of the weight. Copper is softer than aluminum and is not as durable, yet it is much more expensive. Copper does not have any of the other valuable qualities and characteristics of aluminum, such as being resistant to corrosion or being well-suited to create extrusion solutions for industry. Aluminum is considered to be a “green” metal, as in it is extremely friendly to the environment. It is the most plentiful metal on the planet and is non-toxic, making it the perfect choice for just about any industry.

Unlike many other metals, aluminum is non-magnetic. This makes it the best option for electrical shielding in dish antennas, bus bars, magnetic housings, computer disks, and many other technical applications. Aluminum can be finished to increase protection from corrosion, but it can also be used to improve function and aesthetics. Textured coatings, colorful coatings, and other methods can be applied through painting, powder-coating, and anodizing. Wherever you look in the world today, you can see aluminum materials in use. The automotive industry, industrial tool manufacturers, marine industry, trucking industry, aerospace, military and defense, home construction and remodeling, food industry, medical industry, and many more all rely on the aluminum extrusion industry.

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