Top 5 Reasons to Design Your Own Custom Extrusion Profiles

custom aluminum extrusionAt Silver City Aluminum, we specialize in custom extrusion design. While we also make standard profiles for our clients on request, we primarily deal in the design of custom aluminum products, components, and parts for industry. We are dedicated to providing the absolute best standards of quality control and service for every order we fill, and our goal is to deliver superior custom aluminum extrusions that exceed all expectations. One way that we are able to achieve this goal for our customers is to keep the focus on the application of the product itself. We take into consideration all of the specifics regarding its intended end use, including who will use it, how they will use it, and the conditions or environment in which it will be used. There are many advantages to choosing to design custom extrusion profiles. Here are just a few of the top benefits that our customers experience every day when they create their own custom aluminum products.

#1 – Reduced Costs

While it might seem like custom extrusion design would be more costly than simply having standard profiles manufactured, you really can save when engineering your own shapes. Some manufacturers get the standard bars, angles, and tubes with the idea of performing secondary operations and fabrications on them to achieve their goals. The time, energy, and cost associated with customizing a standard aluminum shape will be significantly more than designing the profile you want from the very beginning. While there is an initial investment in the design and creation of the steel profile for custom aluminum extrusions, it more than pays for itself during the manufacturing process.

#2 – Save Time

As was already mentioned in the Reduced Costs section, it is possible to save a lot of time when working with custom aluminum products. Not just because it takes a lot less time to design custom extrusion profiles than it does to make custom adjustments after production, but Silver City Aluminum has some of the best lead times in the industry. In fact, our lead times are outstanding! The industry standard is 30-45 days from the date the order is placed until the day it is delivered to the client. At Silver City Aluminum, our standard lead time is just three to four weeks maximum. We even have the ability to fill special favor requests from our customers and deliver custom products in just three days to a week in an emergency situation.

#3 – Better Products

Every time an aluminum bar, angle, or tube is welded or joined, it becomes weaker at that point. Instead of welding or joining the metals together to create the desired shape, it is better to use custom aluminum extrusions to achieve the desired profile. Not only will production be more affordable, efficient, and cost-effective, but it will also be stronger, more durable, and last longer than joined shapes. Our many years of providing quality products have taught us that the more we are able to get involved in product development, the better we can help our clients create a finished design that will meet their requirements. We take pride in being able to get fully involved in the design process to help our customers achieve their goals.

#4 – Stronger Aluminum Alloys

Production statistics and studies show that aluminum alloys become even stronger when they undergo the extrusion process. The process that we use at Silver City Aluminum involves a pre-heat to make the metal more malleable for extrusion, followed by time on a cooling table where the metal is stretched into the correct dimensions and finished with time in one of our special ovens where it is baked to achieve its maximum strength and hardness.

#5 – Versatile Design

When it comes to designing and manufacturing custom aluminum extrusions, you can create absolutely any shape, size, or dimension of product that you want. Our engineers can help you create a custom extrusion design that meets your unique requirements and specifications. Additional customizations are available as well, including finishing services, such as painting or powder-coating. There are no limits to what you can do when designing custom extrusion profiles for aluminum parts, components, and products.

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