Best Quality Control Measures for Aluminum Extrusion Solutions

Throughout our many years of providing clients with custom aluminum extrusion solutions, we have discovered that attention to detail, commitment to quality, and the implementation of quality control measures is the best way to earn repeat business. We have built our reputation on delivering extruded aluminum that meets or exceeds expectations with lead times that are significantly less than the industry standard. Our one stop shop fabrication, extrusion, and finishing facility offers our business partners the ability to create products that are designed specifically for their intended end-use. The sooner we are able to get involved in product development, the more we can help our clients achieve their goals and create solutions that meet their unique requirements.

Quality Control Measures for Extrusion

We make it a point to purchase our aluminum billet from several different suppliers. The aluminum that we use contains 99.9 percent recyclable aluminum. We make every effort to help our customers cut costs and minimize waste by pre-cutting the billets to the proper size, calculating our cuts based on the length and weight of the profile. We utilize advanced PLC technology, which allows us to communicate with all of the components in our extrusion system via the internet from any location in the world. We are able to see how each machine is functioning, the rate of speed, the extrusion recipe, and all other essential variables to provide consistent and dependable quality control from start to finish.

In-House Fabrication Department

We have a fully stocked machine shop at our facility that our fabrication department uses to custom fabricate just about any part or design that our clients might require. Once again, we hold ourselves to the highest quality standards, and it is our goal to deliver finished products that exceed expectations. We have Emmengi CNC machines for long-part fabrication with a 4+1 controlled axis that allows the spindle to be continuously controlled in the range of 0-180 degrees. Short-part fabrication is accomplished with our Fanuc Robo Drill units, which operate off of 3-axis high-speed systems that can machine parts to extremely tight tolerances. Punching, precision sawing, mitering, de-burring, heli-coiling, and assembly are just some of the other services we can provide.

Painting Perfection for Finishing

Our paint line at Silver City Aluminum runs almost non-stop, as we strive for perfection in all of our painting services. Our goal is to provide a consistent color application and go above and beyond to ensure top-rated adhesion to meet the industry requirements of our clients. We utilize a pre-treat finish, which is a four-stage process in itself. The four stages include an etch, clean wash, neutralizing wash, and then an industry-standard pre-wash to guarantee excellent adhesion to the aluminum extrusion solutions. We use a vertical polycron line that is capable of handling up to twenty-one feet in length. We apply that paint at approximately 2 ml’s wet in thickness, which exceeds the industry standard. Each passing part is checked and monitored by our staff to ensure top-quality results. We cure them in our special custom ovens and then take them off the line by hand one at a time for a final inspection.

Shipping the Extruded Aluminum

The final phase of the process includes shipping via our own fleet of trucks. We deliver all across the country, controlling our own delivery schedules and routes to ensure on-time delivery. By doing our own delivery services, we are also able to control the processes involved in one stop shop fabrication, extrusion, and finishing every step of the way for the best possible results. In addition, we also offer custom crating services for LTL carrier shipments if the client prefers to use their own personal trucks to minimize any damage that might come from being on someone else’s truck. To that end, our special packaging team can provide different services based on the extruded aluminum and the client’s needs. Speak with our team about options for the use of Paper Interleave on each part for a small charge to prevent any scratching on aesthetic parts. Bubble wrapping, custom-made aluminum skids, or custom boxing can also be provided.

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