Aluminum Surface Treatments: Custom Aluminum Coating Solutions

One of the most remarkable attributes of aluminum is that it features a naturally occurring protective layer that prevents corrosion like rust from forming. This aluminum-oxide layer is highly beneficial, significantly reducing the damage that might otherwise harm the material. If the extruded aluminum piece becomes scratched or damaged in some way, the protective layer immediately reforms to prevent rust and other types of corrosion from further destroying the metal. However, there are certain times when additional protection is required. Metals that are used in humid or marine environments need an extra coating to combat the constant moisture and saltwater exposure. Aluminum surface treatments can include painting, anodizing, and powder-coating treatment options to create an additional protective barrier in extreme conditions.

Powder-Coating and Anodizing

One of the options that we offer in the way of custom aluminum coating solutions is powder-coating and anodizing. While some of our finishing options are designed to provide a basic protective coating, others can be customized with color and texture to enhance the aesthetics and overall function of the finished product. We work with several different powder coaters in order to provide our clients with a finish that delivers the completed look that they desire. The actual lead time for secondary aluminum surface treatments will depend on the different powder-coating products and anodizers that are being used, as well as the extruded aluminum piece itself.

The anodized aluminum surface is achieved through the process of dyeing short or long pieces. This treatment can be provided in small and big runs once the extrusion and fabrication process is complete. We provide our clients with a wide range of choices, ranging from clear to black anodizing, multi-color powder-coating treatment options, and custom anodizing finishes can be made by request. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians can explain all of the ins and outs of our powder-coating and anodized aluminum surface treatment options available for extruded aluminum products. You can also speak with our customer service staff or talk with one of our engineering team members to get a professional consultation on the benefits of the various treatment options available.

Professional Painting Services

We take great pride in the success of our painting department at Silver City Aluminum. Our customers appreciate it too, as our paint line runs almost non-stop. We strive for perfection in all of the custom aluminum coating solutions that we provide, and painting is no different. Our goal is to continue working to ensure consistent color applications and deliver top-rated adhesion. This is not just to maintain our own quality control standards but also to ensure that we meet the requirements and regulations of the industries that our clients serve. We begin with a pre-treatment process that includes four stages – far exceeding the industry standard. Those stages include an etch, a clean wash, a neutralizing wash, and a standard pre-wash. All of this extra effort helps us guarantee excellent adhesion to the aluminum materials for long-lasting results.

Our team goes above and beyond for paint application as well. After the pre-wash process, we apply our high-quality paints at 2mls thickness to exceed the industry standard. We utilize a vertical electrostatic polycron line, which is constantly monitored and checked by our staff to ensure top-quality results and a consistent color application. Once the paint has been applied, we move the aluminum materials to one of our special custom ovens, where they are cured through a baking process. After the parts are cured, we take them off the line by hand one at a time so our team of highly trained technicians can inspect them before they are taken to the shipping department. All of our extruded aluminum products get an additional inspection after the custom aluminum coating solutions are applied when they arrive at the shipping department to check for any scratches or damage.

Extruded Aluminum Surface Treatments

If you would like to learn more about our custom aluminum coating solutions, including anodized aluminum surface treatments, powder-coating treatment options, and electrostatic polycron painting, give us a call at 508-824-8631. We can answer any questions you might have about our aluminum surface treatments, custom aluminum extrusion design, and any other services we provide.