How to Design Custom Aluminum Products for Your Business

Creating your own custom extrusion design can be a significant benefit to your company, helping to lower costs for production, reduce lead times, and make a better product. If you are new to the idea of designing custom aluminum products or if you are unsure of how to begin, working with Silver City Aluminum is a great way to get the results you want without wasting time and money. Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers, designers, and technicians can assist you in placing an order and developing a custom design that will meet or exceed your expectations. We also have a wide range of stock shapes available for those who want to use a standard extrusion die, but we excel at providing custom services, profiles, and manufacturing for our clients.

Design Strategies for Custom Extrusion

It is essential to work with a provider like Silver City Aluminum to create your custom aluminum products. Our many years of work with aluminum alloys, extrusion design, and creating profiles to improve corrosion resistance can work to your advantage. There are certain aspects of the design that must be taken into consideration in order to get the best results. One of those things is the environment in which the part, product, or component will be used. Our team keeps the focus on the intended end use of the item, including the environment. Temperature, corrosion, and abrasion are just some of the things that must be considered to choose the right aluminum alloy and tempering.

The thickness of the walls that are created in the cross-section of the aluminum extrusion profiles must also be determined by how, where, and why the product will be used. When looking at the standard extrusion die, whether that means a tube, angle, square, or other stock shapes, you will notice that the walls are typically similarly sized to create a stable thickness for extrusion. However, the whole point of creating custom extrusion design is to achieve unique shapes and sizes for the betterment of the overall project, which sometimes means having walls that are of different thicknesses. However, it pays to know that very thin sections can lead to increased costs and lead times. Discuss your design ideas with our engineers, who can work with you from the early development phase to help you save time and money.

Other Services for Custom Aluminum Products

While the design of the custom profile is essential to achieving the primary goals of the project, there are additional services that can be used to further enhance your custom extrusion design. At Silver City Aluminum, we provide a wide range of services in addition to the design and manufacture of custom aluminum extrusion profiles. We also offer fabrication and secondary operations in our fully functional machine shop right here in Southeastern Massachusetts. CNC fabrication, milling, and more can be performed in our state-of-the-art facility. We also provide finishing services, which can enhance the natural anti-corrosion protection of the aluminum material to provide longer-lasting and more durable results for your custom aluminum products.

The finishing services that we can provide at Silver City Aluminum include powder-coating and anodizing, as well as professional painting on our Polycron line. We go above and beyond to ensure excellent adhesion and exceed the industry standard to provide paint that is applied at approximately 2mls wet in thickness. All passing parts are monitored and checked by hand to ensure top-quality results and consistent color application from ceiling to floor before they are cured through a baking process in one of our special custom ovens. We also work with several different powder coaters and anodizers in order to provide our clients with the color options and finish style that they desire. Choose from clear, black, multi-color, or custom anodizing finishes by request.

Contact Silver City Aluminum

If you are interested in designing custom aluminum products for industry, then contact our team right away to discuss your ideas. Through our many years of providing quality products, we have discovered that the more we are able to get involved in the process of product development, the better equipped we are to help our clients achieve a finished design that meets their needs. Call our team today at 508-824-8631, and let’s talk about your needs for custom extrusion design.