Prevent Corrosion Through Design for Extreme Environment Use

One of the clear advantages of choosing to work with aluminum products is the natural abilities of this fantastic material. When aluminum is exposed to oxygen, an oxide layer of protection is formed that prevents damage caused by exposure to chemicals, abrasives, and other things in the environment. However, it is possible to increase this protection and prevent corrosion through design. At Silver City Aluminum, our team of highly trained and experienced engineers works with each client to design custom profiles based on their unique needs and specifications. This is part of the reason why custom extrusion design has become so popular with manufacturers. Custom profiles can be created to reduce costs, decrease production time, and improve the finished product quality.

Solutions for Multiple Industries

Another primary reason for using aluminum products is not just the resistance to abrasives, chemicals, and heavy use, but also the way that the metal itself stands up in extreme environments. Steel becomes brittle in exceptionally low temperatures, while aluminum becomes even stronger as the temperature drops. This makes custom extrusion design the perfect choice for cold environment use, such as far north locations, industries that work in temperature-controlled facilities, and other applications. The long-lasting properties and durability of aluminum products, along with recyclability and make them the perfect choice for everyday use or for industries where sustainability and eco-friendly solutions are required.

Many new industries are hopping on board to use custom extrusion design to improve the quality and performance of the parts, components, and products that they use every day. Construction, medical, solar, marine, transportation, and other industrial applications can benefit from learning how to design custom profiles to suit their needs. Advances in product design using aluminum take advantage of the natural qualities of the metal material, but also in how to use aluminum more effectively in specific environments. The marine industry, as an example, shows us how learning how to prevent corrosion through design can help aluminum products stand up better to long-term exposure to saltwater, freshwater, and other types of moisture-rich environments.

Professional Design Support

One of the advantages of working with Silver City Aluminum for the design of custom profiles is our team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians. We work with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, use the industry’s best practices, and have many years of experience working on many unique types of projects. The parts and components that we create for our customers are designed to meet stringent industry requirements and exceed expectations. Because we get directly involved in the development of every project we make, we are able to provide outstanding services at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility.

Anything that you could dream up can be created with our special aluminum extrusion profile designs. We also do a lot of custom services and unique applications for our customers, such as our work with snow-making applications, liquid nitrogen to gas exchange cold sinks, telescoping profiles, and collars for the automotive industry. Our experience working with aluminum can work to your advantage, as we provide insight and advice that can help you maximize its potential. We create snow-making guns for our customers that are light in weight yet highly durable and strong enough to withstand high-pressure applications. Aluminum is also the perfect choice to use in harsh outdoor conditions and temperatures, which provides an advantage over other metals and material options.

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If you are interested in learning more about how to prevent corrosion through design and overcome common issues with aluminum products, contact Silver City Aluminum. We can assist you in the development and prototyping phase for your custom extrusion design and assist you in selecting the best aluminum alloy to suit your needs. Our team can help you design custom profiles, provide information about our stock “standard” profiles, and go over the options for fabrication and secondary operations. Additional services, such as custom aluminum surface treatments like powder-coating, painting, and anodizing, can also be provided in-house by our highly trained and experienced technicians. Contact Silver City Aluminum today by calling 508-542-7200. We can answer any questions you might have about custom aluminum extrusion and provide all the support you need to create groundbreaking aluminum extrusion solutions.