Outsource Aluminum Extrusion: Enhance Manufacturing Services

One of the best ways to enhance your company’s manufacturing abilities without having to invest thousands of dollars into new equipment and train staff to operate it is to outsource specialized work to reputable providers. It is essential to partner with a provider that has a solid reputation for providing top-quality results, whether you are sourcing materials or hiring a team to produce highly customized aluminum extrusion. Unlike other aluminum fabrication shops, Silver City Aluminum does all of our design, fabrication, finishing, and extrusion manufacturing services in-house at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility. There are many benefits associated with this approach to making custom aluminum products, including faster lead times, improved quality, and lower costs for our clients.

Why Outsource Aluminum Extrusion?

There are certain types of manufacturing that are considered specialized, and aluminum extrusion falls into this category. In addition to developing industry solutions through custom aluminum product design and extruding high-quality aluminum alloys, we also provide fabrication opportunities. CNC machining, extrusion finishing, and even assembly services can be provided to our clients by our team of highly skilled technicians. Whether you need basic parts or complex extruded components, outsourcing this portion of your product manufacturing to Silver City Aluminum can help to expedite the process and provide you with significant cost savings.

If you were to purchase all of the equipment necessary to create custom aluminum products in-house and invest in hiring a team that is trained and qualified to develop professional-quality extrusions, there would be a significant price tag attached. Start-up companies and even long-running manufacturers would have a hard time creating aluminum fabrication shops from the ground up. All of the components in our extrusion system are top of the line. They are fully integrated and automated, allowing us to communicate with our machines from anywhere in the world through the advancement of PLC control technology. We are able to maintain a high level of quality control and deliver finished products that meet or exceed industry standards. A lot of technology, training, and experience goes into every project that we complete when you outsource aluminum extrusion with Silver City Aluminum.

Custom Design Support

When you work with our team, you also gain the insight and experience of our engineers and designers who have worked for many years in the development of custom aluminum products. We can provide advice, support, and services for everything from choosing the right aluminum alloy to providing high-quality extrusion manufacturing services. Our team works with each client in the early development phase to ensure that they can take advantage of everything our aluminum fabrication shops have to offer. This early planning phase helps not only to streamline the process but also to enhance quality, ensure the best price, and guarantee the very best in quality results. State-of-the-art custom aluminum products can only be made when using the best materials, technology, machinery, and techniques. You can get all of that and more when you work with Silver City Aluminum.

In addition to profile design and extrusion manufacturing services, we can also do additional work at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility. Aluminum fabrication shops like ours also feature a complete CNC machining team and shop to deliver highly detailed finished results for all of the aluminum profiles and components that we manufacture. Our many years of experience working with a variety of aluminum alloys for a wide range of industries can work to your advantage. We can help you solve all of your manufacturing challenges and help you maximize the return on investment for the manufacture of aluminum parts, components, and products. Short and long parts machining, as well as mitering, sawing, and punching, along with other types of fabrication, can all be performed by our team at our facility. This helps to significantly reduce lead times and increase quality control measures because we do it all in-house and never send your order out to a third party for processing.

Call for an Estimate

If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of deciding to outsource aluminum extrusion, contact our team by calling 508-542-7200. We can answer any questions you might have about our aluminum fabrication shops, provide a FREE estimate for your next project, or help you to place your first order with Silver City Aluminum. You can count on our extrusion manufacturing services to provide you with results that meet or exceed expectations.