Affordable Manufacturing: One-Stop Extrusion and Fabrication

In addition to all of the other inherent benefits of aluminum products, there is one that stands out loud and clear to manufacturers: affordability. While there are other advantages that can help make the finished product even more valuable, manufacturing methods that help reduce costs are extremely valuable, assisting businesses to become more profitable. Standard and custom extrusion design can be used to help our customers achieve their goals for safety, dependability, time, and cost. The use of aluminum extrusion solutions has helped companies across nearly every industry create affordable parts, components, and products. At Silver City Aluminum, our one-stop shop provides opportunities for product development, extrusion, fabrication, and finishing all at one facility.

Benefits of One-Stop Shop Fabrication

Instead of sending out each order to a third-party for fabrication, secondary operations, and finishing, we do it all in-house. This helps us to maintain an extremely high level of quality for every order that we fill. It also ensures a better lead time, enabling us to streamline the process by doing it all ourselves. Sending parts out to other service providers can take time just in the travel to and from their facility, not to mention the time it takes to perform the services and for the extrusion manufacturer to inspect each piece for quality control. By eliminating the middleman in this manufacturing scenario, we cut out the travel time, additional inspection time, and potential concerns about quality control.

Compared to the industry lead time of 30-45 days, we are able to complete an order for custom aluminum extrusion and have it delivered to our customers in just three to four weeks. Our clients appreciate the fact that we can get their orders delivered in such a short time. We can even offer emergency services on a case-by-case basis as a favor to our valued customers, turning around an order for custom extrusion design in as little as three days to a week.

All of the components in our extrusion system are top of the line. We take advantage of the latest technology, methods, and techniques to provide our customers with unmatched quality and unbeatable results. Every piece of equipment is fully-integrated and automated, relying on the advancement of PLC control technology to allow communication via the Internet. We are able to see how each machine is functioning, determine the rate of speed, identify the extrusion recipe, and observe all other variables. This helps us to produce consistent and dependable quality control for every order that we fill. By keeping a constant eye on the extrusion process every step of the way, we are able to exceed customer expectations for our aluminum extrusion solutions and enhance the benefits of aluminum products.

Cutting Manufacturing Costs

Aluminum is one of the most plentiful metals on the planet. Not only can it be found everywhere in its raw form, but it is also the most recycled material, thanks to successful recycling programs across the United States and in many other countries. As a result, aluminum itself is more affordable than other similar materials, such as costly steel and copper. The lightweight quality of aluminum also makes it more efficient and affordable to handle and ship, allowing more products to be loaded onto trucks for transport to customers. The extrusion process itself can eliminate many secondary operations by including special components, shapes, and functions in with the custom extrusion design. This also works to reduce costs and make the manufacture of aluminum extrusion solutions even more cost-effective for companies.

Identifying your goals for one-stop shop fabrication and extrusion will help our engineers to ensure that you take advantage of the benefits of aluminum products. When you work with our team at Silver City Aluminum, we can help you maximize the return on your investment into custom extrusion design to get the best possible results. From start to finish, our team will be with you every step of the way, assisting with engineering and design, providing complete quality control, and expediting your order to help you save time and money. Contact Silver City Aluminum today to get a FREE estimate for your product or to discuss your needs for aluminum extrusion design. You can reach our team when you call us at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility at 508-824-8631.