One-Stop Aluminum Fabrication Shops: Quality Control Measures

Extrusion and fabrication are not mutually exclusive to one another. While many secondary operations can be prevented through custom design, there are some types of fabrication that must be done in order to achieve the desired goal. While we are dedicated to providing the very best quality control measures for standard and custom aluminum extrusion at Silver City Aluminum, we also offer our customers fabrication, finishing, and specialized services at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility. Everything we do is in-house under the watchful eye of our team of highly trained and experienced technicians and engineers. We are dedicated to keeping up with the latest technology, methods, and systems to continue delivering orders that meet or exceed expectations.

The Application of the Product

One of the ways that our sustainable aluminum extrusions are superior to that of other aluminum fabrication shops is the attention to detail that we give to every order. Our focus is kept on the application of the finished product itself, considering all aspects and specifics of its intended end-use. We have discovered that the more we are able to get involved in the early stages of product development alongside our clients, the better equipped we are to help them create a finished design that will meet their needs and specifications. We take pride in our ability to become fully involved in the design process for extrusion and fabrication, as well as finishing and shipping, to ensure that quality control measures are employed every step of the way.

This unique ability to do everything in-house, from profile design to completion, helps to improve the overall quality of each order and enables us to deliver exceptional customer service at the same time. We are very proud of our lead times, which far exceed the industry standard. Most aluminum fabrication shops can deliver custom aluminum products between one month to one-and-a-half months from the date the order is placed. At Silver City Aluminum, we have the ability to get finished custom aluminum products delivered to our clients via our own fleet of trucks within three to four weeks maximum. This is our STANDARD lead time. We can even do special orders for clients upon request in an emergency situation, delivering custom products within three to seven days, if necessary.

The Custom Extrusion Process

When you place an order with Silver City Aluminum, our engineering team will work with you to ensure that you maximize the potential of your custom profile design. We can share insight and techniques that can be employed to help prevent corrosion through design, increase strength, or streamline the process to reduce costs. You can count on our team to help you create sustainable aluminum extrusions that will provide durable, cost-effective, and dependable results. Once we have your profile set, our team will make the extruded aluminum according to your specifications. We start with 99.9 percent recyclable aluminum billets that come from several different suppliers. We pre-cut the seven-inch diameter pieces of raw aluminum billet into the proper size to help minimize scrap and more accurately calculate the cuts to save our customers money.

The extrusion process involves heating the materials into a long oven and then pushing them into the die shape at approximately ten million pounds of pressure to create the exact shape that the client requires. The extruded shapes are then placed on a cooling table where they can be stretched into the perfect dimension through the use of opposing stretchers before being cut to the client’s desired length. The metal is then heat-treated to harden the aluminum to its maximum capacity before cooling. We are able to ensure the best quality control measures due to our fully integrated and automated extrusion system. This top-of-the-line PLC control technology-based system helps us to communicate with our machines via the Internet, see how the equipment is functioning, and determine the rate of speed and other variables to provide consistent and dependable manufacturing.

Sustainable Aluminum Extrusions

There are many reasons to choose aluminum for manufacturing and select extrusion as the manufacturing process. To learn more about extrusion and fabrication or to hear about our quality control measures in more detail, contact our team by calling 508-542-7200. We can answer any questions you might have about our aluminum fabrication shops and help you to place your first order with Silver City Aluminum.