Advanced Aluminum Solutions: The Value of Aluminum Materials

aluminum product valuesWhen it comes to selecting materials and manufacturing methods, there is nothing quite as versatile as aluminum extrusion. While it has been around for many years and is used by a diverse array of industries, advanced aluminum solutions are causing even more designers and manufacturers to consider the advantages of aluminum materials. Developing and producing aluminum products for industry can help to enhance even the most basic designs. Advancements made in basic construction elements, such as traditional aluminum frames and windows, can improve residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects. Modern versions are energy-efficient, offer more thermal control, and can be produced faster and with greater consistency than products made just a few years ago.

Industry Growth: Aluminum Products for Industry

The aluminum manufacturing industry produced around 30 million tons of extruded aluminum in 2019. While that might seem like we’ve hit a peak for production, studies show that this number is only expected to grow. The current forecast predicts that the growth of extruded aluminum products for industry will increase by four to five percent each year. According to those numbers, by 2027, we will be using close to or more than 40 million tons of extruded aluminum each year. This is excellent news for those who work in the aluminum extrusion industry, but also for designers, developers, contractors, and architects who understand the advantages of aluminum materials. There are many different types of alloys used in manufacturing. However, when it comes to extrusion, the 6000-series alloys are by far the most preferred due to their inherent qualities.

The majority of aluminum extrusion that is manufactured each year in the United States is what is known as mill finish. All that means is that because of the magnesium and silicon alloy contents in the raw aluminum billet, the completed products feature a bright and shiny appearance after extrusion. Anodizing, painting, powder-coating, and other finishing options can also be used to enhance the appearance or improve the function of the finished piece. In addition to consumer goods and construction enhancements, such as traditional aluminum frames and LED lighting, there are many other industries that rely on these advanced aluminum solutions. Automotive, industrial construction, power generation, transmission, industrial equipment, transportation, aerospace, and military defense are just some of the industries served well by aluminum extrusion.

A Very Versatile Material

You might be wondering what makes aluminum products for industry more versatile than manufactured parts, components, and products made with other materials and methods. Aluminum extrusion is very useful and can enhance the properties of the aluminum alloy itself. For example, aluminum is very light in weight. When the correct alloy is chosen and is manufactured using extrusion, it can increase the strength of the finished part, product, or component. Aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion. It forms a natural aluminum oxide layer when exposed to oxygen that protects it from rust. Even when it becomes damaged, the outer layer can repair itself and form a new layer of protection immediately. Aluminum is a top choice for manufacturers that create aluminum products for industry manufacturing like marine, aerospace, and products used in corrosive environments.

Other advantages of aluminum materials is that they are excellent conductors of both heat and electricity. This creates the perfect heat exchange and electrical circuit, surpassing copper at a fraction of the cost. The 6000-series of aluminum alloy extrudes and machines beautifully. At Silver City Aluminum, we offer various fabrication, secondary operations, and custom finishing solutions to help our customers maximize their designs. Many engineers appreciate the benefits of working with aluminum, as it offers excellent stability, strength, durability, and flexibility for innovation. Practically any shape and size can be created with custom aluminum extrusion, and it is growing to become the top replacement for both steel and copper in many construction and design situations. If you would like to learn more about advanced aluminum solutions and how they might enhance your current manufacturing operations, contact our team directly and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable engineers. We can answer any questions you might have about aluminum products for industry and offer an estimate for our services. Call today at 508-542-7200 to place your order for standard or custom aluminum extrusion.