Quality Materials Make the Difference for Extruded Aluminum

When it comes to the design and manufacture of custom extruded aluminum, quality control begins with the very first step. Not only is it essential to work with a provider that has an extensive background in the development and manufacturing of custom and standard aluminum extrusions, but you also need to choose the best aluminum alloy for the project. There are different alloys that can be used to create sustainable aluminum extrusions, each with its own unique set of strengths and advantages. At Silver City Aluminum, we purchase aluminum billet from several different suppliers, which is made of 99.9 percent recyclable aluminum. Before we even begin to work on your order, you can feel confident in the knowledge that the quality of the materials that will be used is top-notch. Whether you are creating rod and bar aluminum for construction purposes or creating custom parts and components for consumer goods, our team can help you to achieve your goals while meeting or exceeding expectations.

Quality Control Measures

In addition to the engineering and design services that we offer to our customers, at Silver City Aluminum, we have also established high-level quality control measures to produce every single order. All of the components in our system for creating custom and standard aluminum extrusions are top of the line. The entire system is fully integrated and automated for consistent, repeatable results. Through the advancement of PLC technology, our engineers and technicians are able to communicate with our machines via the Internet from virtually any location in the world. These services help us to see how each machine is functioning, determine the rate of speed, examine the extrusion recipe, and check other variables for dependable quality control. This helps us to keep an eye on the extrusion process every step of the way.

One example of our dedication to quality control this is our Polycron paint line. This service involves a four-stage pre-wash system that exceeds industry standards, a 2ml’s wet application of paint that exceeds the industry standard, and a team that continually monitors and checks the passing parts to ensure quality results and consistent color application. The parts are then cured in one of our special custom ovens and are taken off the line one at a time by hand, inspected by highly trained technicians. Once the parts arrive at our shipping department, they are inspected again to ensure quality results.

In addition to using technology as a means to ensure quality results, we also make sure that our technicians monitor every phase of the process in the creation of extruded aluminum parts, products, and components. We achieve this by taking control of the entire extrusion process from start to finish, even all the way to the delivery of your order. Extrusion, fabrication, and finishing involves our team members hand checking and inspecting each piece to ensure consistency and quality results. At Silver City Aluminum, we are dedicated to providing quality control and consistency with each and every product that we extrude, fabricate, and finish at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility. To learn more about the measures that we take to guarantee quality control, speak with one of our engineering team members.

Quality Aluminum Alloy Materials

While we work with a wide range of aluminum alloy types to best meet the needs of our clients, we primarily stick with the 6000-series of aluminum alloys due to the strength and benefits that they offer to our finished products. The primary alloys that we use include 6005, 6063, and 6463, which can vary in temper and thickness to achieve the desired tensile strength and qualities based on the client’s needs. Corrosion prevention, heat and electrical conductivity, high strength-to-weight ratio, and more can all influence the type of alloy that we use. Silver City Aluminum works with reputable billet providers and uses a variety of machinery, tools, and products to deliver finished orders of the highest quality.

You can learn more about the various alloys that we use and see information on their strengths and advantages when you visit our Engineering page. We also offer tips, insight, and information designed to help our customers create the best possible custom and standard aluminum extrusions. We take pride in our ability to develop sustainable aluminum extrusions that exceed the industry standards. If you would like a FREE estimate or wish to speak with one of our engineers about your needs for extruded aluminum, give us a call at 508-824-8631.