Anodizing, Painting & More: Custom Aluminum Coating Solutions

One of the inherent benefits of choosing to work with standard or custom aluminum extrusion is the natural oxide layer of protection that works to prevent corrosion. This natural layer is formed the moment that aluminum comes in contact with oxygen. If it becomes cut, scratched, or damaged in some way, it automatically “heals” itself and creates a new layer of protection. However, there are some instances where extra protection may be needed. Aluminum parts, products, and components that will be used in extreme conditions, abrasive environments, or experience repetitive use may benefit from custom aluminum coating solutions. Some of the surface finishing options available include anodizing aluminum extrusion, powder-coating solutions, and painting extruded aluminum on a professional paint line. We offer all of these finishing options at Silver City Aluminum and provide them in-house at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility.

Anodizing Aluminum Extrusion

One of the more popular types of surface finishing used across multiple industries is anodizing. The client can choose from a wide variety of colors and unique specifications to create custom aluminum coating solutions designed to meet their needs. This additional surface protection can also be used to improve appearance and function, in addition to strength and corrosion resistance. There are many anodized products available for consumer, commercial, and industrial markets. Examples of which can be anodized handrails for marine industrial equipment, anodized flashlights for security personnel and law enforcement, and anodized stairs in industrial manufacturing plants.

The process for anodizing involves the dyeing of short or long pieces. It can be applied in either small or big runs once the fabrication process is complete. At Silver City Aluminum, our clients can choose from clear anodizing, black anodizing, multi-color anodizing, or they can select a custom anodizing finish by request. We go above and beyond to meet or exceed customer requirements to provide a cost-effective and valuable finished product.

Powder-Coating Solutions

Additional surface finishing can help to offer extra protection, as well as aesthetic and functional benefits. Different manufacturers can use a variety of different products, including polyester and epoxy finishes, depending on the intended end-use of the finished piece. Examples of situations where additional protection might be needed include salt spray requirements for marine or seaside equipment, extreme temperature coatings for products that will be used in Alaska, Canada, or Arctic conditions, as well as parts that require protection from moist or wet environments. Powder-coating offers many custom options and can be used to protect standard or custom aluminum extrusion of any type and size.

At Silver City Aluminum, we work with several different powder coaters and anodizers to provide our clients with a finish that offers the look and feel they require. The actual lead time for a finished product will depend on the different types of powder-coating and anodizers that are used, as well as the overall size of the run. Similar to our anodizing services, we can work with short or long pieces and small or big runs, depending on the needs of the client.

Painting Extruded Aluminum

Clients who choose to paint their extruded aluminum parts, products, and components can offer additional protection against aging, weathering, and pollution. It is essential to establish a painting technique that allows for excellent adhesion for long-lasting results. We have provided our top-quality painting services for many different clients who serve consumer, commercial, and industrial markets. Our goal is to strive for perfection in our painting services, achieve a consistent color application, and meet or exceed the requirements of every industry we serve. We utilize a vertical electrostatic Polycron line that is capable of handling parts up to twenty-one feet in length. All of the parts go through our extensive four-stage pre-wash system before they are painted. We apply the paint at approximately 2 ml’s wet in thickness, and the pieces are continuously monitored and checked by our staff to ensure top quality results.

After the curing process in one of our special ovens, the parts are taken off the line one at a time by hand so our team of highly trained technicians can inspect them before being taken to our shipping department. Quality control and consistency is a top priority at Silver City Aluminum. To learn more about our four-stage pre-wash system and Polycron painting products, contact our team directly. We can also help you choose the best custom aluminum coating solutions based on your unique needs and requirements. Contact Silver City Aluminum by calling 508-542-7200 or use our online contact form to reach out to one of our team members.