Advanced Industry Solutions: The Benefits of Aluminum Products

Many different industries rely on aluminum fabrication shops to provide them with the parts and components they need to create quality finished products for their customers. Silver City Aluminum works with clients who serve transportation, aerospace, marine, commercial, consumer, and other industrial manufacturing with high-quality, dependable services. We work with each client to determine their unique needs, taking into consideration all of the aspects surrounding the intended end-use of the finished piece. The aluminum industry solutions that we help them to design and create are all made at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility from start to finish. Our one-stop extrusion and fabrication services help to streamline the process, ensure quality results, and significantly improve lead times. Our goal is to help each customer take advantage of the inherent benefits of aluminum products while meeting or exceeding their expectations.

LED Lighting Solutions

One of the areas where we are incredibly experienced is creating design and extrusion solutions for the LED lighting industry. As demand for LED lighting continues to grow for commercial, industrial, and consumer lighting products, as well as for marine, horticultural, and medical needs, we have expanded our knowledge and proficiency in this area. Many of the parts and components used in LED lighting take advantage of the benefits of aluminum products, including a high strength-to-weight ratio, reflectivity, heat and electrical conductivity, resistance to corrosion, and more. Custom aluminum industry solutions can be used to overcome issues with design, increase the effectiveness of the lighting itself, and make the finished product most cost-effective. We work with each customer to fine-tune their designs to achieve optimal performance requirements and reduce overhead.

Transportation Industry Solutions

The use of aluminum fabrication shops in the development of high-quality parts for the transportation industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Engineers are continually searching for new ways to improve fuel economy and safety while enhancing performance. Through the use of aluminum industry solutions, manufacturers have been able to increase the load-carrying capabilities of cars, trucks, buses, trailers, and even rail cars. They have been able to significantly reduce fuel requirements due to the high-strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum materials. Compared to steel and iron, aluminum comes in at about one-third the weight. However, certain aluminum alloys, extrusion methods, and other factors can help aluminum to be just as strong and safe as the heavier materials. Silver City Aluminum has worked extensively with transportation industry clients to create more efficient and effective replacement parts to support consumer demands and government regulations.

Structural Industry Solutions

Another area of proficiency includes the design and development of aluminum industry solutions for structural products used in commercial, industrial, and residential properties. Framework for windows and doors, construction framing and structural components, as well as lighting, safety features, and gutter drainage systems, are all frequently made at our one-stop extrusion and fabrication facility. We design and extrude solutions that are used to make railings, greenhouses, skylights, balconies, stairways, lighting systems, and much more. Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians work with each client to determine their unique needs and requirements. We strive to meet or exceed expectations and deliver cost-effective and top-quality solutions that take advantage of all the benefits of aluminum products. The closer we can work with each client on the early development of the parts, products, and components they need to create, the better the results will be for the finished product.

Marine Industry Solutions

Some of the products that we design and extrude at our aluminum fabrication shops the most include parts and components for the marine industry. Custom rails for sailboats and powerboats, aluminum decking and docks, as well as other structural materials can all be designed and created at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility. Our team can deliver some of the most intricate designs with custom extrusion and offer specialty applications developed with the client’s unique needs in mind. Because we do all of the engineering, extrusion, fabrication, and finishing in-house, we can drill holes, create specialty elements, and meet the client’s specific requirements without impacting our lead times. We have designed marine industry solutions for both consumer and commercial projects.

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