Proven Quality Control Measures for Custom Aluminum Products

While we are proud of many things that we do for our clients at Silver City Aluminum, one of the areas where we have the most pride is in our dedication to ensuring the best standards of quality. We have implemented quality control measures for the purpose of delivering the best possible results for every order we fill. We are also dedicated to providing customer service and support that goes above and beyond expectations. Our mission is to deliver superior custom aluminum products that exceed the industry standard to satisfy our clients’ needs and requirements. We achieve this first and foremost by keeping our focus on the application of the product itself, including how and where it will be used, as well as by whom and for what purpose. Our many years of providing quality products have helped us gain insight and understanding of what it takes to deliver top of the line results.

Product Development: From Start to Finish

One of the ways that we work with the client to ensure quality control and products that meet industry standards or exceed customer expectations is to get involved during the development process. We take pride in our ability to work with the client in the early phases of design to provide support and insight that will help them to create a superior product. Working with the customer in the development process enables us to improve quality control and ensure exceptional customer service at the same time. While we do a lot of business in the Massachusetts area, we also deliver extruded products all over the world. Custom profiles, as well as standard profiles like rod and bar aluminum, all receive the same level of attention to detail and quality that we provide to our custom design projects.

At Silver City Aluminum, we keep everything in house under the experienced and watchful eye of our engineers and technicians. Every step of the process, from design and development to extrusion, fabrication, finishing, and shipping, happens at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility. We utilize state of the art machinery and the industry’s best practices to produce quality aluminum extrusion products, parts, and components for our customers. Many of the methods and techniques that we use go above and beyond the industry standard to deliver results that exceed expectations. This includes our custom coating solutions and inspections that we provide throughout the manufacturing process to support our commitment to delivering top-quality products to our clients. Our many years of experience working in the aluminum extrusion industry have helped us to develop proprietary methods that allow us to achieve our quality goals.

Special Services and Applications

Our team is also enormously proud of the special services and applications that we provide to our valuable customers. When it comes to custom aluminum products, we can create anything that our clients can imagine up to 8 inches in diameter. While we do many custom projects for our customers to meet specific industry needs and requirements, some of our most exciting applications have been the most unique. For example, our team has the ability to produce highly efficient custom snow making gun designs. The strong yet lightweight characteristics of our special aluminum extrusion designs make exceptionally durable yet easy to carry and use snow making guns that can withstand high-pressure and use in tough outdoor conditions and temperatures.

Taking advantage of the inherent qualities of the metal materials, we also extrude heat sinks that are used for the liquid to gas conversion for big holding tanks. Some of the work that we have done has provided solutions for tanks used at commercial buildings, municipal public structures, and hospital parking lots. Our team also produces collars for the automotive and transportation industries. First, we extrude the pieces into long lengths before cutting them into smaller pieces. We then use the smaller pieces to fabricate opposite collars. This method reduces costs overall, making them even more cost-effective for our customers, working as an effective and durable alternative to more costly and heavy steel parts and components. Telescoping profiles, heli-coiling, and other custom techniques can be used to achieve specific goals to create products that exceed expectations.

Get a Quote for Custom Services

If you are interested in learning more about the options for quality aluminum extrusion at Silver City Aluminum or if you are ready to place an order, contact our technicians and customer service agents by calling 508-824-8631. We can answer any questions you might have about designing custom aluminum products and ordering stock profiles like rod and bar aluminum. We have put many unique quality control measures in place to provide the best possible results for our customers, and we are proud to have earned referrals and repeat business from many clients over the years.