Increased Demand: Aluminum Extrusion and Fabrication Expands

custom aluminum extrusionAluminum industry solutions are being used across many different manufacturing industries due to the inherent benefit of aluminum alloy materials and the cost-savings and advantages of the extrusion process. At Silver City Aluminum, we provide a wide range of services for the extrusion and fabrication of aluminum alloys for customers in the local New England region, across the country, and around the world. Custom designs can help to streamline manufacturing, significantly reduce lead times, and cut costs. However, if secondary services are required, our team is ready and able to provide sawing and deburring, custom fabrication, and finishing solutions in-house at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility. Our many years of training and experience can be used to your advantage, helping you to create parts, products, and components that meet industry requirements and exceed expectations.

Industry Growth to Extrude Aluminum Alloys

Studies reveal that even in the uncertain economic outlook for many industries in 2020, demand for aluminum industry solutions and manufacturing has increased significantly. We are proud to partner with our clients to create high-quality aluminum industry solutions for automotive, marine, transportation, aerospace, construction, LED lighting, and other products for consumer, commercial, and industrial use. We continue to invest in state-of-the-art equipment and ongoing training for our team of engineers and technicians so we can provide our clients with quality aluminum extrusion and fabrication. By doing everything on-site, we are able to maintain levels of quality control that exceed industry standards and help our clients achieve their production goals. Engineering and design, prototyping and extrusion, fabrication, and finishing are all provided at our Taunton facility under the close supervision of our experienced and highly skilled designers and inspectors.

One of the reasons for our success is our ability to keep focus on the application of the finished product. We consider all specifics and aspects of the intended use, including environmental concerns and potential corrosive or abrasive situations. Our many years of providing quality products have helped us understand that the more we can get involved in the process of product development, the better the results will be for our clients. We take pride in our ability to do this for our customers and get involved as much as we can in the design process for every single project we manufacture. This attention to detail and commitment to quality helps us to provide exceptional customer service and has earned us referrals and repeat business from our many satisfied clients. We are immensely proud of our ability to provide outstanding results and services to clients in the Southeastern Massachusetts area and all around the globe.

Characteristics of Aluminum Alloys

There are many reasons why manufacturers are turning to aluminum industry solutions to create modern parts, products, and components. Aluminum is used to create electronics, consumer goods, advanced machinery, structural elements and has been instrumental in the development of lightweight vehicles designed to achieve improvements to fuel economy. The trucking industry, public transportation, commercial and consumer vehicles are all taking advantage of designs that require manufacturers to extrude aluminum alloys for their success. Extrusion and fabrication of certain alloys can provide a significant strength-to-weight ratio that comes in at approximately one-third the weight of steel. Replacing heavier steel with lighter aluminum has other benefits as well. The aluminum is just as strong as steel, providing safety benefits, but it is also very sustainable, cost-effective, and faster to manufacture.

Custom profile designs for aluminum extrusion can eliminate many secondary operations, including welding and other types of joining. Instead of multiple parts being welded together, which takes time, money, and can create weaknesses in the finished product, a singularly formed shape created by aluminum extrusion requires very little in the way of extra operations. Sawing and deburring are standard at Silver City Aluminum to create high-quality results, but are all done in-house to save time and cost for our clients and deliver lead times that exceed industry standards. Silver City Aluminum offers a wide range of design, prototyping, and finishing solutions that our clients can use to create aluminum industry solutions that meet or exceed expectations. To learn more about our custom design services and options for customizing standard or stock profiles, contact our team directly. We can help you maximize your experience when you extrude aluminum alloys for manufacturing and ensure you get the best return on investment. Contact Silver City Aluminum by calling 508-824-8631 and speak with one of our engineering or customer service representatives about your order.