Advantages of Aluminum Products: Arguments for Alloy Extrusion

The most plentiful metal on the planet also has many inherent qualities that make it a top manufacturing choice. Used by many different industries that enjoy the advantages of aluminum products, custom, and standard aluminum extrusions are more popular than ever. Fixtures and displays, vehicles, signs, window and door frames, LED lighting, transportation, aerospace, and marine aluminum extrusion design are just examples of how this material and method are used today. Figuring out the right profile and best aluminum alloy for extrusion can be a challenge. However, when you work with a team of highly trained and experienced professionals, it becomes easier as you gain insight into the options that will best serve the demands of the product and how it is intended to be used.

The Superman of Metal Materials

One of the most impressive qualities of aluminum is that it is resistant to rust and corrosion, and it is also 100 percent recyclable. In fact, aluminum extrusion design products can be recycled over and over again without losing any of their inherent qualities. Some other advantages of aluminum products are that they are easy to fabricate due to their malleability and design customization, making aluminum the perfect choice for custom and standard aluminum extrusions. Aluminum can be formed, machined, cast, and, of course, extruded, making it extremely versatile and cost-effective for many different applications. Because it is extremely plentiful and recyclable, aluminum is also extremely affordable. Aluminum products are typically less expensive to manufacture than other types of metal production.

Other benefits that are used by various industries include conductivity. Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. It is also highly reflective and can be enhanced through the use of different types of finishing solutions. At Silver City Aluminum, you can select the best aluminum alloy for extrusion-based on your project’s unique demands and then choose a custom finishing option, such as anodizing, powder-coating, and painting. Our team goes above and beyond to provide our customers with quality results that exceed the industry standards. For example, our custom painting solutions are put on at 2ml’s wet in thickness and are monitored and checked by our step throughout the process before being taken off by hand one at a time so they can be inspected once again. This helps us to guarantee the best possible quality for every order we fill at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility.

More Advantages of Aluminum Products

The high strength-to-weight ratio of custom and standard aluminum extrusions is one of the most significant benefits. This makes aluminum extrusion design incredibly attractive for the transportation industries that are working to improve fuel economy for everything from semi-trucks to consumer vehicles. The lighter weight and durable advantages of aluminum products also make them ideal for use in the construction of marine and aerospace vessels. Aluminum is used very frequently in the design of pretty much anything that moves. It is even used in applications that include military and defense, as well as space programs, because of all the benefits it provides. Aluminum is also non-magnetic, which means that it won’t interfere with magnetic fields when used in magnet-based x-ray equipment and other devices that require non-magnetic parts.

When creating a custom aluminum extrusion design, it is essential to know what the best aluminum alloy for extrusion is based on the project’s demands. While aluminum is generally very precise, meaning it can conform to very tight or close tolerances, some alloys may be better than others. Our team can assist you in making the decision on the material that is used to create the best possible results for your needs. We take great price in our ability to ensure quality control at every phase of production to meet every specification and industry standard requirement. Another great benefit of aluminum extrusion is that it is much faster to produce than even other types of aluminum manufacturing. Lead times are significantly less when working with extruded products, and at Silver City Aluminum, our lead times are some of the best in the business.

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