Industry Solutions: Aluminum Surface Treatments for Extrusion

Choosing the right finishing solution for your standard or custom aluminum extrusion parts, components, and products can be challenging. The more you can learn about the common aluminum surface treatments used by industry professionals, the easier that decision will be to make. Silver City Aluminum offers a wide range of custom options and opportunities for our customers to choose from to enhance their extruded products. Aluminum doors and windows for residential construction will have different needs than aluminum truck beds or surface treatments used to support the New England marine industry. Make sure to discuss your needs, as well as the intended use of the products you want to manufacture when you contact our team of engineers and designers at Silver City Aluminum.

Natural Protection from Corrosion

One of the most remarkable characteristics of aluminum is that it forms a natural layer of protection against corrosion. A thin and transparent layer, known as an oxide film, is formed when the surface of aluminum is exposed to air. This corrosion-resistant barrier will even instantly reform whenever the metal is damaged, either through cutting, scratching, or coming in contact with an abrasive. In most cases, this natural protective layer is all that you will need to prevent aluminum from rusting or becoming damaged prematurely through regular use. However, there are specific industries and situations when extra protection may be required. The environment in which the New England marine industry works, as well as areas that experience heavy snow and ice combined with cold temperatures, are just some examples.

Some aluminum surface treatments are merely aesthetic, providing the product designer with a dual purpose layer that adds color, texture, shine, and extra protection. When you work closely with a service provider like Silver City Aluminum, our team of engineers and designers can help you choose the best options for your needs. Anodizing, powder-coating, and painting are just some of the ways that you can enhance the natural protection of your custom aluminum extrusion product. Preventing corrosion through better design is another method that we assist our clients with to create products that exceed expectations and provide many years of long-lasting use. The success of your business and brand rides on delivering quality products to your customers. The more you can do to enhance those products and ensure durability and dependability, the faster you will be able to build a solid reputation and trusted brand.

Painting Versus Anodizing

The two primary types of aluminum surface treatments used by industrial manufacturers include painting and anodizing. We provide both options at Silver City Aluminum to help our customers achieve the look, texture, and level of protection that they desire. Our paint line is quite popular, running nearly non-stop at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility. We work hard to achieve a consistent color application designed to meet or exceed the requirements of every industry we serve. We can provide painting services for materials up to twenty feet in length. We use a four-stage pre-wash system that exceeds industry standards, including an etch, a clean wash, a neutralizing wash, and a standard pre-wash to guarantee long-lasting adhesion. We apply the paint using a Polycron application at approximately 2ml’s wet in thickness. The passing parts are continuously monitored and checked by our step to ensure consistency from ceiling to floor and are then cured in one of our unique custom ovens.

Our anodizing process is just as thorough and professional. We work with several different powder coaters and anodizers to provide our customers with a finish that provides the aesthetic look and protection they desire. The lead time required for this process will depend on the part that is being finished and the different options that are selected. Anodizing involves dyeing short or long pieces, such as aluminum doors and windows or aluminum truck beds, once the fabrication process is complete. Upon request, customers can choose from clear or black anodizing and multi-color options and custom color processes. Not sure which method is right for you and your standard or custom aluminum extrusion order? Contact our team to discuss your options and make an informed choice that will yield the best results. Aluminum surface treatments can enhance your project, so they should always be considered whether you are making products for consumer or industrial use. Contact our team by calling 508-824-8631 to place an order or discuss finishing options for custom aluminum extrusion.