Design Opportunities for Creating Custom Aluminum Extrusions

custom aluminum extrusion designThere are many advantages associated with choosing aluminum extrusion profiles for manufacturing. The strength and durability of aluminum combined with the cost-effective extrusion method can make it extremely attractive to many different industries. The manufacture of consumer products, automotive parts, components for military and aerospace, structural designs for construction and architecture – there are so many ways to use aluminum extrusion profiles. Taking advantage of the natural qualities of the aluminum material itself, combined with other processes, such as painting or anodizing aluminum, there is no industry that it cannot be used in and practically no purpose for which it is not well-suited. Custom aluminum extrusions offer even more benefits. Our team can assist in engineering and design at our one stop shop fabrication and extrusion facility.

Why Choose Extrusion?

Whether you realize it or not, extruded aluminum is practically everywhere in your life. From advanced designs for modern windows and doors to ensure energy efficiency to handrails, precision locking parts, LED lighting, and automotive parts, aluminum extrusion profiles are used in consumer and industrial manufacturing. Custom aluminum extrusions are being used to make lighter vehicles to increase fuel economy, stronger and more durable safety equipment, housing for lighting that is more reflective to reduce energy consumption, and many other essential applications. The extrusion method helps increase the strength and durability of the aluminum as well, depending on the alloy chosen. Additional applications, such as painting, powder-coating, and anodizing aluminum, can ensure that it is protected from corrosion and damage to extend its life even further.

The extrusion process at our one stop shop fabrication facility in Southeastern Massachusetts involves many methods designed to reduce waste and costs for the manufacturer. We cut the billets according to size based on the order specifications. The aluminum is heated to a specific temperature before it is pushed at 10,000,000 pounds of pressure through a steel die to create the desired shape. This can be a standard or stock profile, such as a rod, bar, or tube, as well as custom aluminum extrusions, created by the customer or with the support and advice of our engineering team. We can create complex shapes, use techniques that will prevent corrosion through better design, and reduce the need for secondary operations that can cost time and money during production. Because we do everything in-house, our lead times improve significantly on the industry standard – even for custom designs.

Why Hire Silver City Aluminum?

Once you decide on the method of production that you want to use to create the parts, components, or products required for your manufacturing business, it’s time to select a service provider who can help you achieve your goals. Our team is dedicated to providing the absolute best standards of quality control and customer service. The methods that we use help us to ensure the delivery of superior custom aluminum extrusions that will meet or exceed expectations. We keep our focus on the application of the finished product, considering all of the environmental conditions and specifications that could impact the item during intended use. Extremely cold temperatures, chemical exposure, humid or dry locations, and other influences can affect performance and must be overcome during design. We take pride in our ability to become fully involved in the design process for every one of our clients’ projects.

We make every effort to support our customers in the design and production of custom aluminum extrusion profiles to improve quality control. The industry standard lead time is 30-45 days for custom orders from the date the order is placed until it is delivered to the client. We have the unique ability at our one stop shop production and extrusion facility to get completed custom aluminum extrusion products delivered to our clients via our own fleet of trucks within 3-4 weeks maximum. Our team of highly trained and experienced employees can help you to achieve your time, budget, and quality requirements here in the New England area or anywhere around the globe. If you would like to learn more about our services for custom extrusion design, extrusion of various aluminum alloys, fabrication services, and finishing, including painting and anodizing aluminum at our facility, give us a call. We can answer any questions you might have about our aluminum extrusion profiles, including stock and custom design opportunities. Call today at 508-824-8631 to speak with a technician or begin placing your order with Silver City Aluminum.