Advantages of Using Aluminum Extrusion for Consumer Products

Selecting the materials to use during manufacturing can be a make-or-break decision when it comes to consumer products. There are many benefits associated with using aluminum products, parts, and components. Long life, sustainability, and durability are just some of the reasons consumers choose products made from aluminum materials. Custom aluminum extrusion can provide even more advantages due to the methods used in manufacturing. Automotive industry aluminum and other aluminum products have become increasingly popular in recent years. Anodizing or painting aluminum products can help them to last even longer and adds aesthetic and functional attributes. It is a good idea to explore the advantages of using aluminum extrusion before deciding on another material.

Aluminum is Environmentally Friendly

For those who are seeking an eco-friendly or sustainable material to create their consumer products, aluminum is one of the top choices. Used in LEED Certified construction and manufacturing, environmental experts agree that aluminum is a valuable option. Aluminum can be recycled over and over again without losing any of its inherent qualities. It is the most recycled metal on the planet, and consumer awareness about the value of aluminum is at an all-time high. At Silver City Aluminum, we use aluminum billets to make our standard and custom aluminum extrusion that is made from 99.99 percent recyclable aluminum materials. Aluminum is also the most abundant metal on earth. Studies estimate that approximately 80 percent of the aluminum mined from the earth is still in use today.

Because it can be recycled and reused again and again, aluminum is also extremely affordable. The cost to design and make a custom aluminum die will typically pay for itself after just one production run. Savings from using custom designs include reduced need for secondary operations, such as welding and joining, which yields a more robust and more durable finished product. Our technicians cut each billet according to the customer’s order to further reduce waste and manufacturing costs. We work with each customer to provide insight and support designed to help them maximize the return on investment for the aluminum products we manufacture according to their specifications. Marine, military, construction, and automotive industry aluminum are created in the same way, focusing on the advantages of using aluminum to get the best results.

Long-Lasting Aluminum Products

Another huge benefit of choosing aluminum for manufacturing consumer and industrial-grade parts, components, and products is that it is long-lasting. Custom aluminum extrusions last much longer than similar products that are made from other materials, including steel. Aluminum has a remarkably high strength-to-weight ratio, which comes in at about one-third the weight of steel for the same amount of strength. Aluminum is also naturally resistant to corrosion, developing a thin, oxide layer of protection when it comes in contact with the air. Even if it is scratched, cut, or damaged in some way, this natural layer instantly reforms to further protect the aluminum material. This helps aluminum products to last much longer than other materials. Painting aluminum products or powder-coat anodizing them will help them be even more durable and resistant to damage.

Perfect for use in extreme environments, including extremely hot and cold temperatures, many industries rely on aluminum products just for this purpose. In fact, one of the most significant advantages of using aluminum is that it actually gets stronger in freezing temperatures. Steel, on the other hand, can become brittle and damage more quickly if the temperature gets too low. Aluminum is non-toxic, non-magnetic, and is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. It is now being used to replace more costly copper in many products, which can make the finished item even more affordable to consumers. There are so many benefits associated with choosing aluminum for manufacturing that it has become widely used around the globe and across just about every industry.

Aluminum Products for Consumers

If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of using aluminum in manufacturing for consumer products or industrial production, contact our team at Silver City Aluminum. We can answer any questions you might have about consumer or automotive industry aluminum, provide details on finishing solutions, including anodizing and painting aluminum products, or help you get started with your first order. Standard and custom aluminum extrusion can help to advance your business and increase consumer confidence. Contact Silver City Aluminum today by calling 508-824-8631 to speak with one of our customer service agents about your interest in aluminum extrusion.