Extruded Aluminum Design & Custom Aluminum Coating Solutions

One of the ways that Silver City Aluminum helps our clients to maximize the return on investment for the extruded aluminum parts, products, and components that we create is to offer aluminum surface treatments. These custom aluminum coating solutions can be used to increase corrosion resistance and provide an improved function for certain products, depending on the type of finishing that is selected. Our technicians can offer a wide range of wet paint options, powder coating, and anodizing at our aluminum fabrication shops. Like all of the other services that we offer, we do everything in-house, from the pre-treat finish to the actual painting, powder-coating, and anodizing, as well as post-coating inspections prior to shipping. Our goal is always to maintain the best possible quality control for every single order that we fill.

Painted Aluminum Surface Treatments

As far as custom aluminum coating solutions go, our paint line runs practically non-stop, as we work around the clock to provide our customers with quality extruded aluminum parts, components, and products. We use a vertical electrostatic Polycron paint line that allows us to paint pieces up to twenty-one feet in length. All of the parts that we paint with our wet aluminum surface treatments go through a pre-wash cycle, which includes a four-stage pre-wash system. Once they pass through the prep stage, they then dried and ready to be painted. We go above and beyond to use a paint pre-wash system that extends well beyond the industry standard to ensure top-quality adhesion and a smooth, clean surface to apply the paint.

SILVER CITY ALUMINUM PRE-TREAT FINISH – Our pre-treat process includes a four-stage pre-wash with an etch, a clean wash, a neutralizing wash, and then a standard pre-wash to guarantee excellent adhesion. Our goal is to strive for perfection in all of our painting and aluminum surface treatment services, to achieve a consistent color application while meeting or exceeding industry standards at every phase of the process.

Another way that we go beyond industry requirements is in the thickness that we apply our wet paint coatings. Our paint is applied at approximately 2ml’s wet in thickness, and the passing parts are continuously monitored, checked by our staff individually to ensure top-quality results and consistent color application from floor to ceiling. Once the paint has been applied, the extruded aluminum parts are cured through a specialized baking process in one of our custom ovens. After curing, each piece is taken off the line one at a time by hand, so our team of highly trained technicians can inspect it before they are taken to the shipping department. However, once the order arrives at the shipping department, each piece is inspected again to ensure quality results.

Powder-Coating & Anodizing Surface Treatments

In addition to our wet paint applications for custom aluminum coating solutions, we also offer powder-coating and anodizing secondary finishing options for our customers. These aluminum surface treatments work as a protective coating to extend the life of the finished extruded aluminum part, component, or product. Other coatings can be used to add texture, increase function, or to create a specific look for a finished piece. We work with several different powder coaters and anodizers in order to provide a finish that delivers the aesthetic look that our customers require – and to increase lead time. The actual lead time for each product will depend on the different powder-coating products and anodizers that are used.

The anodizing process involves the dyeing of short or long pieces of extruded aluminum and can be applied either in short or long runs once the extrusion and fabrication processes are complete. Our customers can choose from clear, black, or multi-color anodizing, as well as custom color selections for finishing by request. Colorful coatings can be useful for branding or creating a visually appealing finished product for consumers. Whatever the client’s goals, our team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians will work with the customer to ensure that our services meet or exceed expectations. For more information about our wet paint, powder-coating, and anodizing options available at Silver City Aluminum, contact our office for details. We can answer any questions you might have about custom aluminum coating solutions and offer insight into the different processes, advantages, and costs of finishing treatments at our aluminum fabrication shops. Contact our team at 508-824-8631 at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility.