Benefits of Custom Extrusion: Lower Cost and Improved Results

The very process used to create aluminum extrusion design helps streamline production compared to other manufacturing methods. The term extrusion is used to describe a plastic deformation process which takes a solid piece of aluminum billet, heats it to a specific temperature to make it more malleable, and pushes it with great force through a smaller die or profile opening. While it may appear to be a simple and straightforward process, there are many factors that can influence the finished benefits of custom extrusion. For example, the type of alloy used and the post extrusion operations that are included, as well as any finishing solutions that are added can increase the protective nature, durability, and strength of the completed piece. The type, design, and layout of the profile, along with the temperature and speed used during extrusion, also play a significant role.

Post Extrusion Operations

Custom aluminum extrusion design helps to reduce the number of secondary operations that need to be done to the extruded metal before shipping to the client. However, there are quality control post extrusion operations and additional fabrication work that can be done to further enhance the finished piece. For example, at Silver City Aluminum, we deburr all of our machined parts as a standard part of the process. This eliminates any aluminum burrs that are present after CNC machining and other operations requested by the customer. Punching and other types of fabrication can often leave these sharp metal bits behind, resulting in extra work for the manufacturer. We take care of all this in-house with our vibratory deburring, tumble deburring, and other professional deburring techniques as a part of our overall commitment to quality control.

In addition to deburring, we also offer assembly, heli-coiling fabrication, long and short part fabrication with extremely tight tolerances, punching, precision sawing, and mitering, all at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility. We do all of this work in-house, maintaining close inspections and checks at every phase of production to ensure optimal quality control and consistency. Our fabrication department has the unique ability to custom fabricate just about any part of the design that our clients require. In addition to custom aluminum extrusion design, this unique part of our operation helps us to deliver the highest quality standards and finished products that exceed expectations. Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians work with each customer on a case-by-case basis to enlist post extrusion operations and services designed to enhance the benefits of custom extrusion.

Shorter Lead Times

Another benefit of custom aluminum extrusion design is our ability to deliver the fastest lead times in the business. Our average lead time is three to four weeks maximum from the day we receive the order to the day that the custom parts ship from our facility. Additional work, including extra post extrusion operations and finishing, can add a few extra days to this standard lead time, but we will still beat our competitors in speed and quality control. The industry standard lead time for custom aluminum extrusion is 30-45 days. We are able to significantly beat this accepted standard due to our commitment to performing all tasks in-house and maintaining control over the quality of the work that we produce.

Silver City Aluminum can even offer services on an emergency basis for our clients. Lead times of three days to just one week from receipt of order to shipping can be provided as a special emergency opportunity to ensure our valued customers have the parts they need for manufacturing. Because we serve such a wide range of industries, including transportation, construction, marine, and consumer goods, our many years of experience and the state-of-the-art equipment that we use all work in our favor. If you are looking for an aluminum extrusion design and fabrication provider that will deliver quality results for every order you place and strive to continue exceeding expectations, look no further than Silver City Aluminum.

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