Using the Qualities of Aluminum to Your Advantage for Design

One of the reasons why many manufacturers choose to use aluminum alloy in the development of parts, products, and components is because of the inherent qualities of the material itself. Traditional aluminum frames, LED lighting, even structural components used in construction all take advantage of the benefits of aluminum products. Whether you choose to rely on standard or custom aluminum products for your manufacturing project, make sure to choose a reputable service provider to assure quality control every step of the way. Each element included in aluminum extrusion, from the design of the profile to the alloy that is used, any secondary operations or painting aluminum products, contribute to the finished success of the piece. Make sure to work with an extrusion and fabrication facility that has many years of experience and a solid reputation in the local industry.

Why Choose Aluminum?

Some of the most commonly known benefits of aluminum products include the surprisingly high strength-to-weight ratio. Compared to other metals like steel, which are used in similar types of construction, aluminum offers the same strength at just one-third the weight. This has revolutionized demands for things like consumer automotive, aerospace, commercial transportation, and marine industry design to enable improved fuel economy and reduce oil consumption across the board. Many of these industries are being tasked by government regulations to achieve very specific goals concerning fuel economy, so the use of custom aluminum products that can safely replace heavier steel parts has been a considerable benefit to manufacturing.

Another benefit of aluminum products compared to other commonly used metals is its natural resistance to corrosion. An oxide layer naturally forms on the surface of the aluminum, protecting it from corrosives like rust and exposure to chemicals in the work environment. The natural layer actually repairs itself if it becomes damaged, helping to continue protecting the metal underneath from corrosion. Reflectivity, ductility, non-magnetic, non-toxic, odorless, and impermeable are just some of the many other qualities of aluminum, which is why it is used across so many different industries. Electrical and thermal conductivity are also other benefits of using aluminum – in fact, in relation to its weight, aluminum is nearly twice as good a conductor as copper and at a fraction of the cost. Increased strength at low temperatures, shock and sound absorption, and non-sparking when it comes in contact with other metals are also attractive reasons to choose aluminum.

Industries That Use Aluminum

Some of the industries that take advantage of the benefits of custom aluminum products include traditional aluminum frames for consumer-based businesses, residential and commercial construction, industrial shelving, LED lighting, and other related manufacturing. Automotive, commercial and industrial trucking, aerospace, military, marine, and other types of heavy-duty can benefit from aluminum construction. Aluminum extrusion can be used to create heat sinks for computer motherboards and LED lighting, reflective roofing materials to reduce energy consumption, and unique products for tubes, wires, rods, and more. While steel and other metals become brittle in very low temperatures, aluminum increases its strength and makes for an excellent choice in cold weather conditions.

The food industry uses aluminum in many ways, taking advantage of its odorless and non-toxic qualities. For the same reason, aluminum is also used in consumer manufacturing for pharmaceuticals and other sensitive products. Non-magnetic qualities make it perfect for designing electrical shielding for magnetic housings, dish antennas, and other products that require magnetic protection. On top of it all, aluminum is 100 percent recyclable and can be used repeatedly to create new products without losing any of its inherent qualities. Companies that are concerned with lowering their carbon footprint or who want to use top-quality materials at a more affordable price can rely on affordable, plentiful aluminum alloy for all of their manufacturing needs.

Custom Aluminum Products

At Silver City Aluminum, our team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians work with our clients to create parts, products, and components that are designed to meet or exceed expectations. Because we get directly involved in each and every product, we are able to provide outstanding services to all of our clients locally in the Southeastern Massachusetts area and around the globe. If you would like to learn more about our service or place an order, you can reach our team at 508-824-8631.