How to Design Custom Aluminum Extrusion Solutions for Industry

custom aluminum extrusion designCustom extrusion design is used by many different industries to help them achieve their goals more effectively and efficiently. While it might sound more costly to engage in the creation of your own aluminum extrusion solutions instead of using basic standard or stock parts, most discover that they are able to save both time and money using this method. The aluminum extrusion industry provides quality parts, products, and components to manufacturers who are searching for options that will help them to improve results and meet their goals. The aluminum alloy as a material itself provides a high strength-to-weight ratio, which can be used by our clients to improve fuel economy in consumer vehicles, create safer airplanes and marine vessels, or make longer-lasting products to help build confidence in their brand. There are many benefits associated with using aluminum extrusion and fabrication, but the most significant can be found when custom design elements are used based on the specific needs of the project.

Getting Started: Contact Silver City Aluminum

If custom extrusion design is new to you, take the time to contact our team directly to discuss your needs. We are dedicated to providing each client with the absolute best standards of service and quality control for a superior custom aluminum product that will meet or exceed expectations. As we work with you on the design of your aluminum extrusion solutions, we keep our focus on the application of the finished product itself, considering all of the specifics related to its intended end-use. Our many years of work with the development, design, and manufacture of quality products has helped us to understand that the more we can get involved in the process of product development with our clients, the better equipped we will be to help their create completed design that will meet their needs. We take pride in our unique ability to get fully involved in the design process for every one of our clients’ projects from start to finish.

When you contact Silver City Aluminum, we will connect you with our team of highly trained, experienced, and skilled engineers to discuss your needs. Lean on our knowledge of custom extrusion design to help overcome issues, increase strength, improve corrosion resistance, or meet any other goals you might have for the project. In addition to custom design services, we also offer full-scope extrusion and fabrication, along with finishing and quality control checks right here in our Southeastern Massachusetts facility. We believe that by doing everything in-house, we can maintain better control over the results of each product rather than sending out parts and components for secondary operations, finishing, and other extra work. Not only does this help us to assure the quality of each order, but it also helps to expedite the completion of the order, which contributes to our excellent lead times. The industry standard is between 30-45 days from the date the order is placed until it is delivered to the client. At Silver City Aluminum, we can get finished custom aluminum products delivered to our clients via our own fleet of trucks within 3-4 weeks maximum as our standard lead time.

Design Tips and Strategies

Our team of skilled engineers with take you through the process of designing custom aluminum extrusion solutions, starting with the shape and size of the item you want to be created. We can do nearly any shape and size that you might need. Our maximum extrusion length is 30 feet; however, the stretching and cooling down of the extruded piece allows the shape to be pulled to the perfect dimension with opposing stretchers on our 160-foot table. We then cut the metal into the requested length before heat-treating to harden the aluminum to its maximum capacity. Our engineers can also help select the proper aluminum tolerances, offer tips on how to avoid surface defects or increase corrosion resistance, and even design specialty functions. Interlocking joints, snap-fit joints, telescoping profiles, and other beneficial features can be added to your custom design to increase the value of the finished product even further.

Begin the process of custom extrusion design by contacting our team directly at 508-542-7200. We can answer any questions you might have about aluminum extrusion solutions, help you choose the extrusion and fabrication services that will meet your expectations, and deliver quality results that exceed aluminum extrusion industry standards. You can trust Silver City Aluminum to provide comprehensive services for the design, manufacture, and finishing of custom aluminum extrusion parts, products, and components. Contact our team today to learn more about our services or place your initial order for custom extrusion design and production.