Aluminum Extrusion Solutions for Automotive Industry Parts

automotive industry aluminum extrusionThe automotive industry has begun to rely on aluminum extrusion solutions more and more in recent years. As the industry goal to create lighter-weight, more efficient, and increasingly safe vehicles continue to grow, the demand for extrusion solutions for automotive industry parts and components increases as well. Automotive industry aluminum takes advantage of the inherent benefits of the aluminum alloy that is chosen for extrusion. While the high strength-to-weight ratio is definitely attractive, helping to reduce the weight of steel and other heavy metals by approximately one-third, there are other advantages that have helped engineers to design better consumer and commercial vehicles. In addition to using standard profiles, many manufacturers are designing custom aluminum products for industry. The custom profiles can be used to create unique shapes that are specifically designed for the manufacturer’s product. In addition, aluminum surface treatments can be used to enhance function, increase durability, or improve aesthetics.

Custom Automotive Industry Aluminum

At Silver City Aluminum, we work with a wide range of clients who serve a remarkably diverse set of industries. Our work with the automotive industry has increased in recent years, as our team has worked side-by-side with manufacturers to create advanced solutions for various parts and components. Heat sinks, collars, enclosures, trim molding, telescoping tubes, light fixtures, and uniquely shaped solids and hollows are just some of the custom profiles we have worked on to create aluminum products for industry needs. The sooner our team can begin to work with the client and their engineering or design team, the better the results. Our clients partner with us in their design challenges to take advantage of our many years of experience working with custom aluminum extrusion development. We can help them to reduce costs, streamline the process, and enhance the finished product through better design.

Our engineers can also help clients to choose the best aluminum alloy based on the intended use of the finished product. Standard aluminum tolerances, various mechanical properties of alloys, and additional operations can be done to increase strength, durability, longevity, and protection from harsh chemicals, environmental concerns, abrasion, and other conditions. We can provide automotive industry aluminum design that features interlocking joints and snap-fit joints, help designers to create seamless screw slots, create telescoping profiles, utilize heli-coiling techniques, and offer assembly services. The best place to start when designing aluminum products for industry is to begin by speaking with our team of highly trained and skilled engineers and technicians about your needs. We can provide you with insight that will help you to get the results you need without wasting any time during the design process.

Collars for the Automotive Industry – One area where we have become particularly experienced is in the extrusion of collars for the automotive industry and other similar industries. The aluminum alloy is first extruded into long lengths before being cut into smaller pieces, according to the client’s specifications. The smaller pieces are then used to fabricate opposite collars. The process that we use to create these custom aluminum products for industry helps to reduce costs overall to make them as cost-effective as possible for our clients. The result of this automotive industry aluminum part provides a highly effective and durable alternative to more costly steel.

Aluminum Products for Industry

At Silver City Aluminum, we are proud of our experience and ability to provide our clients with viable industry solutions. In addition to automotive industry aluminum, we have also served many other industries, including marine, lighting, consumer product manufacturing, construction, electronics, and industrial transportation. Our many years of working with clients who work in these industries have helped us to gain valuable insight into their needs and requirements. This experience helps us with new clients, giving them a jump start through our knowledge and skills, to place orders for specific materials and products. While it might not seem that experience engineering and creating structural materials, decking, and rails for powerboats and commercial ships would be beneficial in the area of extrusion solutions for automotive industry clients, every experience helps us to add new services for our customers.

If you are interested in learning more about our opportunities to develop automotive industry aluminum solutions, contact our team directly at 508-824-8631. We can answer any questions that you might have about the various alloy types, aluminum surface treatments, and custom design to create extrusion solutions for automotive industry parts and components. Call today to speak with an agent or one of our experienced engineers who specializes in developing industry solutions for the automotive industry.