Affordable Aluminum Extrusion for Cost-Effective Manufacturing

cost-effective aluminum extrusionThe cost to manufacture a part, component, or product is greatly influenced by two things: the materials and the method. Aluminum extrusion profiles offer a cost-effective solution for manufacturing that can provide considerable savings over other metals and techniques. Regardless of the industry you serve, or whether you design products for direct-to-consumer or business-to-business buyers, it is essential to find a solution that will offer quality results at affordable prices. Not only will this help businesses to increase profit by lowering overhead but can also ensure the best rates for the end-user, increasing value across the board. Compared to other metals, aluminum is one of the most plentiful, eco-friendly, and cost-effective options. Not only does it have many inherent qualities that are beneficial to the intended use of the product, but the malleability of aluminum makes it quite easy to form into endless shapes and sizes.

Post Extrusion Operations

One of the reasons why extruded aluminum is more cost-effective than other types of fabricated metal is that it can reduce the need for post extrusion operations and secondary fabrications that can increase both lead times and costs. Custom aluminum extrusion profiles can eliminate much of the extra work that would be required with other types of fabrication, such as welding and joining parts together to create the desired shape. Designed-in features can be included through the support of our expert team of engineers and technicians to streamline the process and create finished products that are stronger, more durable, and easier to produce. Affordable aluminum extrusion is the most economical method used to create standard or custom parts with a constant cross-section. It is cheaper to extrude pieces than to machine them or weld them to achieve a specific shape. By eliminating these additional operations, businesses can reduce the amount of time needed to make the parts without requiring machining or welding. This also helps to reduce costs across the board and makes the finished pieces more readily available without delay.

Investing in Custom Designs

While you might think that it would cost more to design custom aluminum extrusion profiles than it would to simply modify standard extruded aluminum shapes, the truth is that you will save a significant amount of money over time when you go custom. The cost of profiles is also much cheaper than roll forming dies and casting molds. Other advantages of custom designs are being able to include all of the specific shapes, parts, tubes, and angles that you need without having to weld or join the parts together separately. Some methods of aluminum manufacturing cannot replicate the variations of wall thicknesses that can be created with extrusion profiles, further increasing the value of the custom designed shapes. Once you have designed your custom profile, you can continue to place orders with our team to maximize the return on investment. As your needs change or the design of your product evolves, our team can work with you to adjust the original design to will provide you with the best advantage.

Long and Short Run Parts

Working with Silver City Aluminum means being able to get the extruded aluminum parts and components you want without having to invest in larger orders. We can produce short and long run orders to suit your needs. Even this approach makes aluminum extrusion profiles more economical than other processing methods. Our team can even assist with special quick orders to meet the demands of your business. Our standard lead time is significantly better than the industry standard of 30-45 days for custom extruded aluminum. Our team can get your order for affordable aluminum extrusion from design to shipping via our fleet of trucks within three to four weeks. Specialty orders in emergency situations for our value customers can be accomplished in three to seven days on the rare occasion that they are required. However, you will find that even our standard time for extrusion, fabrication, post extrusion operations, finishing, and quality control will far exceed anything else you will find through other manufacturers.

Evolving Your Design

We understand that things are constantly changing in the world of manufacturing. Smaller units, tighter tolerances, increased demand for stronger and more durable products challenge nearly every consumer-based and business-to-business organization. When you work with our team of engineers, we can provide you with a regular review of designs to help reduce costs by eliminating or reducing tolerances as techniques and needs change. All of our aluminum extrusion profiles are produced according to industry standards for tolerance, shapes, and sizes. Premium finishes and custom solutions for post extrusion operations can be added to further enhance the finished product, including anodizing, powder-coating, painting, and textured solutions. Components can be designed-in to the profile so the part can be ready to evolve to meet changing demands and industry regulations. To learn more about our engineering and design services, as well as technical support for the production of affordable aluminum extrusion, contact Silver City Aluminum by calling 508-824-8631. We can answer any questions you might have about designing custom aluminum extrusion profiles and the advantages of choosing extruded aluminum for your next project.