Advanced Industry Solutions: Custom Aluminum Extrusion Design

custom aluminum extrusion partsCompared to other metals commonly used in manufacturing, aluminum has established itself as a very versatile material used for creating complex shapes. Custom aluminum extrusion can take the designer beyond the basic shapes used in extrusion and fabrication services to create advanced industry solutions. Many different industries rely on aluminum extrusion solutions, including architecture and construction, infrastructure, marine, transportation, recreational vehicles, signs and framework, consumer goods, and much more. Aluminum has many benefits, but when it comes to custom design, its malleable qualities make it a very cost-effective material to extrude and shape into an unlimited array of complex profiles and sizes.

High Standards of Quality

When you work with an experienced provider like Silver City Aluminum to create aluminum industry solutions, you don’t just get an extrusion company, but also a team of skilled engineers and technicians. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the absolute best standards of quality. Our goal is to produce a superior custom aluminum extrusion product that will exceed all expectations. We keep our focus on the application of the product itself throughout the process of developing custom extrusion dies and applying various techniques. Our engineers consider all specifics of the intended end use for the product to ensure that no need or specification gets overlooked.

Over the years, we have discovered that the more we are able to get involved early on in the development process, the more we will be able to help our clients create a finished design that meets their needs. We take pride in being able to become fully involved in the design process for every one of our customers’ projects. Our expertise, training, knowledge of the alloy, and familiarity with the properties of aluminum help us to improve quality control and provide exceptional customer service.

We are also immensely proud of our lead times. The industry standard is between 30-45 days from the date the order is placed to the day that it is delivered to the client. Because we do everything in-house from development to extrusion, fabrication, and secondary operations to finishing and shipping, we are able to cut that time considerably. Our standard lead time is three to four weeks maximum, and we are able to do special orders for clients on an emergency status within three to seven days, depending on the specifications of the order. Our clients can expect custom aluminum products of the highest standard to be delivered via our own fleet of trucks for optimal quality control.

Aluminum Extrusion and Fabrication Services

At Silver City Aluminum, we work with several different suppliers to purchase 99.9 percent recyclable aluminum. To minimize scrap and create more cost-effective aluminum extrusion solutions, we pre-cut the seven-inch diameter billets that we receive from our suppliers to the proper size for each client. Our cuts are calculated based on the length and weight of the desired profile. We pre-heat the materials after they have been cut, loading them into a long oven, before they reach the extrusion press. To improve malleability and to achieve the customer’s desired shape, the aluminum must be brought to a specific temperature for proper extrusion with standard or custom extrusion dies.

Once the proper temperature has been achieved, the metal is then pushed at approximately ten million pounds of pressure through the profile or die. The aluminum alloy flows through the metal profile and comes out in the exact shape that the client has ordered. We use a 160-foot table to cool down, stretch, and cut the extruded metal according to the client’s specifications. Once the parts and components have been cut, they are then heat-treated in order to harden the aluminum to its maximum capacity. This helps the client take advantage of the inherent properties for the aluminum alloy in every stage of the extrusion and fabrication services process. All of the components in our extrusion system are top of the line and are fully integrated and automated. Through the advancement of PLC control technology, we are able to communicate with our machines via the Internet and identify the rate of speed, extrusion recipe, and other variables for consistent and dependable quality control.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion

If you would like to learn more about our opportunities to create custom aluminum extrusion solutions for your industry needs, contact our team directly by calling 508-824-8631. We can answer any questions you might have about our standard stock and custom extrusion dies, as well as offer insight into all of the options available for our extrusion and fabrication services. You can trust Silver City Aluminum to provide you with unmatched services and support throughout the entire development and manufacturing process. Our many years of experience and excellent reputation have earned us contracts with clients across nearly every industry in North America. Contact our team today for a FREE estimate or to start developing your own custom extrusion designs.