10 Things About Aluminum Extrusion That You Might Not Know

custom aluminum extrusionThere are many advantages associated with choosing aluminum as your primary material in project development. It is very plentiful, making it a great choice for eco-friendly developments, and it is extremely cost-effective compared to other metals with similar properties. However, there are lots of amazing facts about aluminum extrusion that you might not know about that could positively impact the parts, products, and components that you create. Whether you choose a standard profile, such as rod and bar aluminum, or create your own custom extrusion design, it pays to take advantage of all the inherent characteristics and qualities of aluminum materials. At Silver City Aluminum, we have many years of experience working with a wide range of industries to create beneficial solutions at our Massachusetts aluminum fabrication shops.

#1 – Aluminum is Highly Conductive

Certain industries can benefit from the fact that aluminum is highly conductive, both to heat and electricity. This makes it perfect for use in the design of electronics, industrial utility projects, and heat shielding applications.

#2 – Aluminum is Very Low Maintenance

A natural oxide layer of protection forms on the surface of aluminum when it is exposed to oxygen. This layer works to protect the metal underneath from corrosion, such as rust, abrasion, or exposure to chemicals. While your standard or custom extrusion design won’t require a protective layer to be added, custom aluminum coating solutions can be used to enhance this natural protection even further.

#3 – Aluminum is Highly Reflective

Shinier than most metals, aluminum is considered to be highly reflective, which makes it perfect for visible light and finish options. Aluminum is frequently used to reduce energy consumption in residential and commercial projects, reflecting sunlight in the summer to lower utility costs for cooling.

#4 – Aluminum Can Be Customized

There are many alloy options that can be used in the creation of custom aluminum design and for the manufacture of stock profile rod and bar aluminum. The different alloys can increase strength, corrosion resistance, durability, and add other benefits. Aluminum fabrication shops can use various alloys to create industry solutions in an unlimited array of shapes and sizes to suit the needs of the intended user.

#5 – Aluminum is Recyclable

Not only can you recycle aluminum, but it can be recycled over and over again without losing any of its inherent qualities. Aluminum is the most recycled metal on the planet, due in part to recycling campaigns that focused on aluminum cans and other product containers. However, industries recycle aluminum shelving, building materials, products, and more at a record rate, keeping costs low and raw materials for extrusion plentiful.

#6 – Aluminum Finishing Solutions

A wide range of custom aluminum coating solutions can be added to further enhance the finished extrusion design. Anodized, powder-coated, and painted rod and bar aluminum or custom extrusion design can be enhanced by adding texture, color, and a thicker layer of protection. This is an excellent solution for many industries, providing increased protection from saltwater and salty air for marine applications, better resistance to damage for industrial use when chemicals or abrasives are present, and longer-lasting durability in extreme weather conditions.

#7 – Aluminum is Non-Toxic

An excellent choice for food preparation, medical equipment and tools, as well as other applications where toxicity could pose a danger to humans, animals, or plants, aluminum is non-toxic. Some metals can leach into food and water, resulting in health issues for people, pets, livestock, and farms.

#8 – Aluminum Yields High-Quality Results

Aluminum fabrication shops can create stock and custom extrusion design with aluminum materials that are very precise. Aluminum can be used to conform to very tight or close tolerances. Aluminum extrusion can provide a very uniform quality to finished pieces, containing no mechanical joints to increase strength and durability.

#9 – Aluminum is Non-Magnetic

There are many applications in consumer goods, electronics, medical equipment, and other industries where the non-magnetic quality of aluminum is a benefit. Aluminum avoids interference of magnetic fields when used in magnet-based X-ray devices and other similar equipment, machinery, and electronics.

#10 – Aluminum Gets Stronger in Cold Temperatures

Unlike steel, which can become brittle in extremely low temperatures, aluminum extrusions have a high tensile strength range, which actually becomes stronger as the temperature drops. This makes standard rod and bar aluminum, as well as custom extrusion applications, an excellent choice for aerospace and cold-weather design projects.

Custom Extrusion Design

To maximize all of the benefits associated with aluminum extrusion and custom aluminum coating solutions, consider designing your own custom profiles. When you work with our team of engineers and technicians at Silver City Aluminum, you can take advantage of our many years of experience working with custom extrusion design and customized stock rod and bar aluminum extrusion. Contact our team today by calling 508-824-8631 and speak with our aluminum fabrication shops about your custom aluminum extrusion needs.