Custom Designs and Standard Rod and Bar Aluminum for Industry

custom and standard aluminum extrusionAluminum extrusion design is extremely flexible. It is possible to take a simple profile for rod and bar aluminum and turn it into something that is customized based on your specific needs. Small changes can reduce lead time, eliminate the need for secondary operations, and other types of extra fabrication to make a part, component, or product even more cost-effective. Aluminum industry solutions are used by many different types of industries that serve consumers, commercial clients, and industrial customers. At Silver City Aluminum, we have worked with automotive manufacturers, construction suppliers, marine industry professionals, and aerospace engineers to create solutions based on their unique needs, requirements, and specifications.

Rod and Bar Aluminum

When it comes to aluminum extrusion design, the basic stock or standard profiles like rod and bar aluminum are used most frequently by manufacturers and other industry professionals. Construction grade aluminum industry solutions are designed to provide strength, durability, function, and aesthetic benefits in some cases. Rod and bar aluminum plays an essential role in residential and commercial architecture, design, and construction, providing a wide range of framework products and tools to create professional results. While some standard profiles are perfect for a particular situation, other developments might require something more unique. In that case, custom aluminum extrusion can be used to fill the need.

Some of the other types of standard or stock profiles used by our industry clients include angles and tubes in addition to rod and bar aluminum, which are available in both hollow and solid varieties. It is easy to imagine how these basic shapes might be used in the building of anything from structural frameworks to infrastructure design and anything in between. Even public safety tools and equipment can benefit from these popular aluminum industry solutions. There are many advantages to choosing aluminum alloy and, in particular, aluminum extrusion methods for manufacturing to serve the many diverse needs of American industries. Working with a well-known and reputable provider of quality standard and custom aluminum extrusion can help to ensure long-lasting strength and dependability for the end-user or particular project.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion

In a situation that demands custom aluminum industry solutions, our team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians can help our clients to achieve their goals. Our mission is to provide the advice, tools, and support necessary at the early stages of development to deliver custom aluminum extrusion design that exceeds expectations. We have worked with many unique industries, offering solutions designed to help them meet government regulations, increased industry standards, and ensure long-lasting results. The sooner that we can begin to work with a client to design and create custom aluminum extrusion, the more closely aligned the results will be based on the customer’s needs. Our one-stop-shop facility in Southeastern Massachusetts can offer everything from advanced engineering to secondary operations, custom finishing, and assembly all under one roof.

There are many advantages associated with choosing a facility that does it all in-house. Reduced lead times, improved quality control, and increased consistency are just some of the reasons why our customers continue to work with us again and again on new projects. The industry standard lead time for custom aluminum extrusion from start to delivery is 30-45 days. At Silver City Aluminum, our standard lead time is three to four weeks. In an emergency situation, we can cut that time in half for valued customers to ensure that they meet their project demands. When you work with a team of professionals who take pride in the work that they do, you get results that you can be proud of and depend on for the success of your project. This is true whether you require stock rod and bar aluminum or custom aluminum industry solutions to meet all of your budget, time, and functional demands.

Designing Aluminum Industry Solutions

The best way to get started in your quest for quality aluminum extrusion design is to contact our team directly. You can work with our professional engineers and designers to create aluminum industry solutions that will meet all of your requirements. Our many years of experience have helped us to exceed expectations and industry standards to provide our clients with unmatched quality and dependability. Contact our team using our online contact form or reach us directly by phone when you call 508-824-8631.