Aluminum Extrusion: How to Design Custom Extrusion Solutions

custom aluminum extrusion solutionsOne of the most significant advantages of choosing extrusion as the manufacturing method for project development is the flexibility that comes from using custom designs. Compared to standard or “stock” profile shapes, custom aluminum products can be used to help businesses to reduce costs, improve lead times, and increase the quality of the product for the intended user. In addition to creating custom extrusion dies, our clients work closely with a team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians to design custom extrusion solutions that address every aspect of the project. From aluminum coating solutions to advanced secondary operations, we provide comprehensive start-to-finish services for our customers at Silver City Aluminum.

What We Do

Our entire team is dedicated to providing each client with the absolute best standards of quality control and professional service to ensure superior custom aluminum products designed to exceed expectations. When you contact our team to design custom extrusion solutions, we take pride in getting fully involved in the design process to offer insight, experience, and knowledge of both the material and the process to provide a more valuable contribution to the development process. We have discovered that the more we can get involved in the early stages of product development, the sooner we are able to help create a finished design that will meet that customer’s needs while maintaining a very high level of quality control and customer service throughout the process.

One of the reasons why we have such exceptional lead times is because we do everything in-house at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility. From the engineering and design phase all the way through extrusion, fabrication, secondary operations, aluminum coating solutions, quality control inspections, and even shipping, you can count on Silver City Aluminum to provide you with top-level service. Our standard lead times are three to four weeks maximum, which is significant compared to the industry standard of 30-45 days. Our team of highly professional employees is trained to create parts, products, and components for our clients that are designed to exceed expectations. Our direct involvement in each project ensures our ability to remain an industry leader in custom aluminum products and solutions.

How to Get Started

The first thing you should do if you are interested in how to design custom extrusion solutions is to contact our team. We will work with you, and your engineering department to offer insight into the best choices for aluminum alloys, offer information on standard aluminum tolerances, and even provide tips on how to avoid surface defects. While there are many inherent benefits to choosing aluminum as your material of choice, the work that we do with our design of custom extrusion dies can help you to further enhance those qualities. One example is the natural resistance of aluminum to corrosion, such as rust or abrasion through repeated use or environmental concerns. Our engineers can help you to increase corrosion resistance through design for even the most extreme environment situations. Cold temperatures, hot temperatures, and exposure to saltwater and chemicals are just some of the chief concerns we have addressed with our clients.

Our many years of experience working with customers across multiple industries is another advantage that we have gained at Silver City Aluminum. Services for the automotive, aerospace, marine, transportation, and consumer goods industries are just some of the areas where we have significant expertise. Special services and applications are also some areas where we excel, offering custom extrusion dies and aluminum coating solutions to address demands for things like snowmaking applications for use at ski resorts and other destinations, are also in our wheelhouse. Our team has worked with clients to create solutions for liquid nitrogen to gas exchange cold sinks for use with commercial and municipal clients, as well as advanced collars for the automotive industry. Telescoping profiles, heli-coiling, and assembly services are also available at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility to best meet the needs of our clients.

Contact Our Team

If you are ready to get started in the development of custom extrusion dies or would like to speak with our team about the design of custom aluminum products, contact us directly using the online contact form on our website or by calling 508-824-8631. We can answer any questions you might have about how to design custom extrusion solutions or offer options concerning the use of stock profiles, fabrication services, and aluminum coating solutions. Call today for a FREE estimate or to speak with one of our engineering specialists about your needs for custom aluminum extrusion.