Why Custom and Standard Aluminum Extrusions are Eco-Friendly

Many businesses are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and provide their customers with products, parts, and components that are more sustainable. When it comes to custom extrusion design and standard extrusion profiles, the use of aluminum alloy can help manufacturers to meet all of these goals and exceed expectations. Choose from a wide range of secondary operations, custom aluminum coating solutions, and even specialty services, including heli-coiling in New England, to create products that will help you build your brand’s reputation. Working with a well-known manufacturer that is dedicated to providing clients with high-quality custom and standard aluminum extrusions can help you to achieve your goals. Silver City Aluminum has enjoyed a long tradition as a leader in extrusion technology since 1952, and we take pride in our continued success with the latest industry methods to help our customers stay ahead of their competitors.

Why Aluminum is a Green Metal

Compared to other metals and materials frequently used in manufacturing, aluminum is considered to be extremely eco-friendly. Aluminum itself can be recycled over and over again without losing any of its inherent physical properties. Recycled aluminum is used to create many different types of industrial parts, products, and components for a variety of industries and markets, including commercial and consumer. Many manufacturers prefer to use recycled aluminum because it only requires approximately eight percent of the energy normally needed to process and manufacture primary or raw aluminum materials. So not only is recycled aluminum good for the environment, but it takes less energy to process it. Studies show that extrusion companies in North America use nearly 55 percent recycled content, which has continued to grow in popularity in recent years. This translates to using nearly 4 billion pounds of scrap aluminum each year to manufacture new items.

At Silver City Aluminum, we purchase aluminum billets from multiple sources and take care to use materials that are 99.9 percent recyclable. We are focused on providing each client with high-quality standard aluminum extrusions and custom extrusion design to help them meet or exceed expectations. It is essential to choose the right aluminum alloy to go with the design and intended use of the finished product. Customers who do not have knowledge or experience with standard and custom extrusion design can benefit from working with our team of engineers and technicians to make more informed selections. Learning how to design with symmetry in mind, choosing wall thicknesses that are as uniform as possible, and incorporating gentle corners and radii can help to increase strength and durability while improving natural resistance to corrosion throughout the lifetime of the piece.

Custom Aluminum Coating Solutions

Another way that our clients benefit from our expertise is in the selection of finishing solutions. Once the extrusion and any secondary operations are completed, customers can choose to further enhance their finished extrusions with custom aluminum coating solutions. Additional finishing is not necessary for every project. Still, it can be used to increase the layer of protection to prevent corrosion, abrasion, and other types of damage to the aluminum extrusion. Finishing options can also be used to improve the aesthetic appearance of the part, product, or component, as well as improve function by adding texture for extra grip.

The three types of custom aluminum coating solutions used at Silver City Aluminum include:

  • electrostatic polycron painting – our paint line can handle pieces up to twenty-one feet in length and features a four-stage pre-wash system to ensure long-lasting adhesion and quality control
  • powder-coating solutions – our team works with several different powder coaters to provide a finish that offers the aesthetic look our clients want; available in an unlimited array of colors, these secondary finishings can help your product to stand out from competitors’ products and build your brand
  • anodizing services – clients can choose to dye short or long pieces with anodizing; color options include clear, black, and multi-color options; custom anodizing services are also available upon request with an unlimited color selection opportunity

One-Stop Shop Solutions

Silver City Aluminum provides all of these services in-house at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility. We do everything from the initial design and engineering with the client all the way through extrusion, fabrication, secondary operations, custom aluminum coating solutions, quality control checks, and even offer shipping with our fleet of professional trucks and delivery drivers. Whatever you need in the way of custom and standard aluminum extrusions, you can get at Silver City Aluminum. Give us a call at 508-824-8631 and speak with one of our team members about your interest in standard and custom extrusion design or specialty services like custom finishing and heli-coiling in New England and the surrounding area.