The Many Benefits of Aluminum and One Stop Shop Fabrication

While steel maintained itself as the preferred metal within many different industries throughout the years, aluminum is becoming even more beneficial and appreciated by industrial manufacturing. There are many advantages associated with choosing to use aluminum industry solutions, including the ability to create custom profiles. At our one stop shop fabrication and extrusion facility, Silver City Aluminum works with each client as an individual to address their unique needs and requirements. Whether you choose to create a custom design or use a standard extrusion die from our large library of stock profiles, we can help you to create a finished product that will meet your specifications. Our team can also assist with custom finishing solutions and other post extrusion operations that can further improve lead times and increase quality standards.

Enhanced Function and Ability

One of the reasons why our clients choose to work with Silver City Aluminum is our ability to take a basic design and offer suggestions that will help to enhance function, increase ability, and take advantage of the inherent nature of the material. Aluminum has a natural oxide layer that offers protection from corrosion, including rust, environmental damage, contact with chemicals, and abrasive conditions. This makes it perfect for use in many industries that have to overcome these obstacles, including industrial manufacturing, automotive, transportation, aerospace, and marine. Whether a custom design is best suited for your needs or if you simply require customizations to be made to a standard shape, our team can help you to achieve your goals.

It pays to work with a team of highly trained and experienced extrusion engineers and technicians. They can assist you in the development of designs, recommend post extrusion operations, and offer insight into custom coating solutions that can further enhance your parts, products, or components. The more you learn about aluminum as a material and all of the qualities that make it so beneficial, it becomes easier to overcome common issues and improve corrosion resistance through design. Whether you simply require standard extrusions for construction or want to invest time and money into creating unique aluminum industry solutions for your business, Silver City Aluminum can help you maximize the return on investment. The best place to start is by learning how to embrace all of the positive qualities of aluminum as a material and put them to work for you and your production project.

Choosing the Best Alloy

Aluminum can be made even better when properly alloyed with other materials to enhance strength, durability, appearance, electrical conductivity, and other functions. For most construction and manufacturing applications, the 6000-Series alloys are the best. At Silver City Aluminum, we primarily work with 6005, 6063, and 6463 alloys to provide optimal results for our clients. However, we can also offer solutions that utilize other options, including a variety of temperaments to increase tensile strength and other mechanical properties, based on the client’s specifications and requirements. To learn more about these widely used alloys, contact our team to speak directly with one of our engineering staff. We can answer any questions you might have about choosing the best aluminum alloy for your project.

When considering aluminum industry solutions and the alloys that are best suited for production, make sure to look at the structural considerations, strength, and aesthetic requirements for the project. Strength, weight, durability, corrosion resistance, and surface finish are just some of the things that you will want to look at when choosing an alloy. Aluminum alloy 6063 is particularly beneficial for the production of furniture, fixtures, windows, and doors, offering strength where needed and increased buckling and deflection properties to provide excellent consumer and commercial results. While the surface finish is essential in situations where a custom coating solution or finishing option will not be used, the good thing about aluminum is that it can always be improved if aesthetics are important. Anodizing, painting, and powder-coating are just some of the options available at Silver City Aluminum.

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