Essential Manufacturing Services: Custom Aluminum Extrusion

Government organizations have recognized the importance of essential manufacturing services that provide parts, components, and supplies to some of our nation’s most critical industries. Aluminum fabrication shops that specialize in standard and custom aluminum extrusion provide vital extrusion solutions for industry. Over the years, Silver City Aluminum has worked with a very diverse array of clients. We specialize in providing viable industry solutions to clients who serve essential industries, including marine, automotive, trucking, and lighting. Through the various projects that we have worked on, our team has gained valuable insight into the needs and requirements of our customers. We have discovered that the sooner we can begin working with clients on the initial development phase of the projects they are working on, the better the results. The use of specific materials, methods, techniques, and solutions can all work to create better products that are designed to exceed expectation.

The Marine Industry

New England is home to some of the largest marine industry manufacturers and businesses. Some of the products that we have helped to develop and create through custom aluminum extrusion on a regular basis include custom boat rails for sailboats and power boats, boat rails for passenger boats and commercial fishing vessels, structural materials, including aluminum decking and docks, along with many other crucial parts and components. Our aluminum fabrication shops provide a one-stop-shop approach to the design and development, extrusion and fabrication, secondary operations and finishing solutions that are required to create professional-grade products. We can create just about anything that someone in the marine industry might need through our custom product design services.

From the most intricate designs and specialty applications, the use of our essential manufacturing services has helped us to meet the specific requirements of the client. We can drill holes and create other vital elements that are necessary for the use of these extrusion solutions for industry. Our team has worked to design and fabricate materials for aluminum decking and docks for both residential and commercial needs. Our fabrication department can fabricate just about any part that our clients require. We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards to exceed industry minimums and provide our clients with finished products that exceed expectations. Our state-of-the-art machinery in our machine shop allows us to fabricate extrusions up to 30 feet in length, while also fabricating parts from one-quarter inch up to 27-inches with extremely tight tolerances and reliable consistency.

The Transportation Industry

At Silver City, we have served clients who represent a wide array of niche markets within the overall transportation industry. Commercial trucking, municipal public transportation, and consumer vehicles are just some of the areas that are represented within these extrusion solutions for industry. Standard and custom aluminum extrusion can help vehicle designers to maximize fuel economy while maintaining high safety standards. Aluminum is one-third the weight of steel, allowing auto manufacturers to meet efficiency standards and create vehicles that increase consumer demand. Some of the most well-known industry manufacturers are now using aluminum fabrication shops as part of their essential manufacturing services to automotive parts, components, and products.

We have produced collars for the automotive and transportation industries that are extremely cost-effective and reliable. We start by extruding the parts into long lengths before cutting them into smaller pieces to meet the exact size and specifications of the client. The smaller pieces are then used to create opposite collars, reducing costs overall, and creating an effective and durable alternative to more costly (and weighty) steel. Other areas of expertise include the development and extrusion of telescoping profiles, cold and heat sinks for industry, and other specialized custom aluminum extrusion projects. We are proud to serve the transportation industry, which remains essential and important to the American people, regardless of anything else that is happening in the world.

The Lighting Industry

Another area where we have become very proficient is LED lighting. Silver City Aluminum works with many clients who serve the lighting industry. We extrude aluminum materials to create track lighting and LED lighting extrusion solutions for industry. These are currently the most widely requested types of lighting materials that are clients are ordering today. One of the types of custom aluminum extrusion that we specialize in for the development of aluminum tracks is adapting the design to meet the unique style of the lighting fixture. This provides us with a huge advantage over other aluminum fabrication shops and manufacturers, in that we are able to produce a truly custom product that conforms to the needs of our clients.

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