Custom Aluminum Coating Solutions for Extrusion & Fabrication

Aluminum is a very flexible material in that it can be used across multiple industries, providing excellent benefits for each based on its inherent properties. One of those advantages includes the ability to take on custom aluminum coating solutions and use them to enhance the aesthetic properties and function of the finished product. When used for certain industries, including consumer products, commercial safety components, medical device development, and infrastructure elements, finishing services for extrusion and fabrication can be extremely beneficial. While aluminum has a natural resistance to corrosion through the development of an oxide layer that repairs itself over time to resist rust and other types of damage, it can be enhanced. At Silver City Aluminum, we offer finishing services as part of our comprehensive approach to aluminum extrusion industry manufacturing.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Design

Many of our clients come to us seeking solutions that will provide them with cost-effective options to create a diverse array of parts, components, and products. Some of these customers use aluminum extrusion and fabrication to take advantage of certain qualities that can be enhanced through the use of custom aluminum coating solutions. Painting, anodizing, and powder coating the client’s custom aluminum extrusion design can help it to withstand damage in a corrosive or otherwise extreme environment. Depending on where and how the finished product is designed to be used, we can offer a variety of options that will exceed industry standards to create a long-lasting, durable, and reliable finished product.

One of the ways that aluminum surface treatments are used to improve custom aluminum extrusion design is to alter the surface hardness and increase abrasion resistance. This can be beneficial for many different industries and for items that will be used in extreme temperatures and conditions. Overall, custom aluminum coating solutions are designed to protect from corrosion while increasing durability, strength, and longevity. Another added benefit of powder-coated surfaces is that they can add texture and grip, which can aid in improving function for the finished product. With an unlimited selection of colors and styles, our clients can choose coating solutions for extrusion and fabrication that will be appealing to their target audience.

Types of Custom Aluminum Coating Solutions

The three primary aluminum surface treatments used in the industry are all available at Silver City Aluminum: anodizing, powder coating, and wet paint. Anodizing can add increased protection that extends well beyond the natural oxide film. This process is considered to be “electrochemical” and increases durability while adding color. Any aluminum alloy that exists can be anodized and protected in this manner. We can anodize long or short pieces once the fabrication process is complete. Our customers can choose from black, clear, and multi-color anodizing depending on their needs. Powder coating finishes can create an aesthetic look and feel that many clients prefer. Lead times for this work, which are all completed at our one-stop-shop facility, will depend on the materials and methods used.

Our team has made great efforts to achieve a consistent color application and top-rated adhesion for our painting services to meet the stringent requirements of every industry that we serve. Our paint line runs nearly non-stop as we strive for perfection in every order we fill. We can paint materials up to 20-feet in length and provide a unique four-stage pre-wash system that exceeds the industry standards. The four stages include an etch, clean wash, neutralizing wash, and then a standard pre-wash to guarantee excellent adhesion for long-lasting results. We apply our Polycron paint application after the pre-wash process is complete at approximately 2ml’s wet in thickness. The passing parts are monitored and checked by our staff to ensure top quality results. Once the paint has been applied, the parts are cured through a baking process in one of our custom ovens. We take each item off the line by hand and inspect it before shipping.

Quality Control for Best Results

At Silver City Aluminum, we take pride in everything that we do for our customers, from engineering support to create custom aluminum extrusion design all the way through our excellent lead times, we go above and beyond to exceed expectations. Extrusion and fabrication are just the beginning; our secondary operations, attention to detail, and custom aluminum coating solutions are just some of the reasons why our clients trust us to create the parts, components, and products that they rely on for their business. If you would like to learn more about our services or get a FREE estimate for your next project, give us a call at 508-542-7200 and speak with one of our engineers or customer support staff.