Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturing: Modern Industry Solutions

Aluminum has been used for many years to make commercial, industrial, and consumer products. It is easily formed, machined, and extruded to create an endless array of shapes and sizes that are used to create parts, products, and components for nearly every industry on the planet. Aluminum is extremely plentiful, making it one of the more environmentally-friendly materials used in construction and manufacturing for everything from popular electronics to parts for military and defense machinery.

The inherent qualities of aluminum make it very attractive for the New England marine industry, construction and architecture, design of medical devices, and we even see extrusion solutions for automotive industry projects becoming more widely used to improve fuel economy due to its high strength-to-weight ratio. The good news is that the benefits of aluminum extrusion manufacturing don’t stop there. The closer you look at aluminum industry solutions, the more you will understand why so many industries are turning to aluminum for manufacturing.

Extrusion Solutions for Automotive Industry Needs

There are many different applications where aluminum extrusion manufacturing can benefit the transportation industry. Used for industrial, commercial, and consumer transportation vehicles from city buses to big rig trucks and trailers, personal vehicles, and construction equipment, aluminum works perfectly in the design of engine blocks, roof rails, chassis, panels, and collars. Aluminum weighs in at approximately one-third the weight of steel, yet has similar strength. Automotive manufacturers are using aluminum to replace steel in popular vehicles to reduce the weight and make marked improvements to reduce fuel consumption and meet government regulations and standards.

Safety can also be increased, as the lighter weight can allow for layers of aluminum to be used to boost durability and strength for safer vehicles without compromising the appearance and efficiency of the car or truck. Increased dent resistance, improved performance, quicker acceleration, faster braking, and better handling are just some of the positive side-effects experienced by drivers when extrusion solutions for automotive industry manufacturing are used. Aluminum also offers a natural resistance to the environment, creating vehicles that are less affected by moisture, corrosion from exposure to road salt and chemicals, as well as temperature changes that can occur in steel over time.

Aluminum for the New England Marine Industry

Many metals do not fare well when used to build ships, boats, docks, and decks that are used in marine environments. Salty air and constant exposure to salt water can erode steel docks and elements, requiring frequent replacement and increased costs. Railing, decking, and other parts used to create boats and ships for leisure, recreation, and commercial means can be easily made using aluminum extrusion manufacturing for cost-effective, long-lasting, and durable results. Frames, rails, and other components created with aluminum industry solutions can offer many benefits, both to manufacturers and the intended end users. The natural corrosion resistance of aluminum makes it the perfect choice for marine exposure.

Other benefits of using aluminum extrusion for the New England marine industry include the value of non-magnetic applications. Unlike steel, aluminum is non-magnetic, which makes it a great choice for electronics, wires, and coaxial cables. Extruded aluminum is frequently used for applications that involve the use of sensitive magnetic devices, magnetic fields, and high-voltage situations. It pays to work with a team of highly trained and experienced aluminum extrusion engineers and technicians who have worked with marine industry solutions in the past. You can lean on our many years of experience and take advantage of our ability to create aluminum industry solutions for just about any industry or environment.

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