Work With Custom Designs for Sustainable Aluminum Extrusions

sustainable aluminum extrusionsCompared to other industrial metals that are used to create commercial and consumer parts, components, and products, nothing is as sustainable as aluminum. Custom aluminum extruders take raw and recycled aluminum billet and use it to create effective and efficient pieces for clients who serve just about every industry around the globe. Aluminum is considered by many to be an environmentally responsible alternative to other metals. Used in everything from fuel-economy vehicle designs to LEED-certified construction, aluminum extrusion profiles help manufacturers to reduce costs, expedite production, and create long-lasting, durable, dependable, and sustainable aluminum extrusions.

The “Green” Metal

Aluminum has earned a reputation for being a green or environmentally-friendly metal. For any material to be considered “green,” it must have a low impact on the environment. Aluminum fits the bill perfectly, protecting and conserving our planet’s natural resources and environment. Not only can aluminum be recycled, but it can be recycled over and over again without losing any of its inherent qualities. Aluminum can be used in unlimited ways, from a light-reflecting, non-magnetic housing for electronics components to a high strength-to-weight ratio material for creating safe and fuel-efficient consumer vehicles. Thanks to industry awareness programs around the globe, aluminum is also the most recycled metal on the planet.

One of the reasons why aluminum extrusion profiles are so attractive to manufacturers is that they are affordable and easy to make. When you work with an experienced team to create custom extrusion dies and quality extruded materials, you gain a huge advantage over others that use standard shapes and then have to modify them to suit their needs. Custom aluminum extrusion profiles can be completed at a faster rate, require less secondary operations, and can be designed to specifically suit the needs of the client. This streamlines the process, produces less waste during manufacturing, improves lead times, and creates a much more efficient process for everyone involved. The natural malleable nature of aluminum makes it the perfect choice for extrusion, creating advanced solutions for many different industries.

What is the LEED Program?

The term LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environment Design. It is a widely accepted and used rating system for green buildings and construction around the world. Aluminum extrusion profiles are used frequently in LEED Certified projects, due to the contributions that they can make to an environmentally-friendly design. Not only can custom extrusion dies allow for less energy to be used in the construction of the parts, products, and components made for the project, but they also offer many other strategic benefits, as well. LEED was developed by the United States Green Building Council, which offers a framework that is used by architects and building designers, construction teams, and maintenance providers, to establish buildings that incorporate certain energy savings, cost reductions, healthy, and efficient methods into their blueprints.

Many builders strive to achieve LEED status for both residential and commercial construction. A score is created based on five specific areas of concern, which are also benefited by the use of sustainable aluminum extrusions made with custom extrusion dies. Those five areas include environmental quality, water efficiency, sustainable sites, energy, materials and resources, and atmosphere. Buildings can be rated either Certified, Silver, Gold, or Platinum, depending on the level of success that they achieve in their design and execution. Aluminum extrusion profiles are used throughout this type of construction to create things like framing systems, walls, roofs, decorative components, curtain walls, interior trims, and safety railings. Custom aluminum extruders create the parts according to the needs of the client in order to meet or exceed expectations.

Other Benefits of Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

In addition to all of the advantages we have outlined regarding sustainable aluminum extrusions, there are still more benefits associated with using these materials. Aluminum is energy efficient and is an excellent choice in the construction of roofing materials. When properly coated with custom finishing solutions, aluminum can reflect nearly 95 percent of solar energy, helping to keep buildings cooler in the summer and protect the structure below year-round. Aluminum is also naturally resistant to corrosion, which makes it last longer and less likely to degrade and rust than other common construction materials, including steel and iron. Even without additional coatings, custom aluminum extruders offer a unique level of protection against corrosion.

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