Stock Profile Aluminum Extrusion: How to Use Standard Shapes

We talk a lot about custom aluminum extrusion for industry because that is our specialty here at Silver City Aluminum. However, there are certain situations when standard extrusions will be just as valuable, helping our clients to achieve their goals without having to reinvent the wheel. Stock profile aluminum extrusion can be beneficial in many different situations, and we serve clients across just about every industry with our standard profile manufacturing. While we do maintain that certain situations should consider custom options to further prevent corrosion through design for extreme conditions and use, we take the same pride in creating our standard extrusion parts and components as we do when we fill our custom orders.

Types of Standard Extrusions

At Silver City Aluminum, we have a wide range of stock profile aluminum extrusion that can be used to meet a specific need. Our standard extrusions are simple and come in three primary varieties, which include bars, tubes, and angles. Customers who are interested in a standard shape or profile can work with our team to browse our Standard Profile Catalog to see which stock dies are available. While a majority of our clients seek custom solutions forged through a specifically designed steel die, these standard extrusions are still valuable to many different industrial uses. As you might imagine, stock profiles that come in varieties such as solid tubes, hollow tubes, square tubes, angles, circular tubes, bars, and other options, can be used in several different ways.

Stock shapes can be created quickly and easily, saving the client time and money by providing them with a basic profile in the length, width, and alloy type that they desire. Some will use standard extrusions alongside custom options to augment the parts and components that they require for manufacturing. In contrast, others might use the stock profile aluminum extrusion as a standalone product. The needs of each client are considered, and additional custom coatings and finishing options can be added to help prevent corrosion through design. We provide the same attention to detail, and quality with our standard extrusion orders are we do our custom designs. Our clients can count on Silver City Aluminum to provide top quality results regardless of the type of extrusion design that they choose.

How Standard Extrusions Are Used

Some of our stock profile aluminum extrusion is used for standard framing in construction, product manufacturing, and display profiles. Some clients prefer to create custom designs for this type of production, but others choose to use standard extrusions for this purpose. At Silver City Aluminum, we do a lot of orders for clients who want to create picture frames, display frames, doors, and windows. Some of our stock design options can be used for this purpose, helping startup companies utilize quality aluminum extrusion for industry without investing a lot into development or overhead. Some standard profiles are not visible in a project and do not require additional custom finishing solutions. However, there are others that might be exposed to environmental conditions, such as extreme sunlight, saltwater, or temperature, that would benefit from coating services.

Some of the finishing options that we offer at Silver City Aluminum include painting, powder-coating, and anodizing. Our clients can choose from black, white, clear, and an unlimited array of colors. Our team can assist in the selection of the best colors based on the customer’s needs. Some choose to use a branded color that identifies their company, while others might be more interested in a basic or trendy color scheme, depending on their needs. In addition to color, some finishing solutions add texture, which can help wth the overall use of the item. Textured grips and handles on consumer and industry products can enhance the value of the finished product and increase the inherent benefits to the end-user.

Custom Options Always Available

Customers can start off using standard extrusions, but if they require additional work, such as secondary operations or fabrication, Silver City Aluminum can help them as well. We operate a complete one-stop-shop with all of the design, extrusion, fabrication, and finishing solutions that you need to create a fully-functional, finished product. CNC fabrication is available for long parts up to 30-feet in length and short parts as small as one-quarter of an inch. Punching, precision sawing, mitering, deburring, heli-coiling, and assembly are also available to help prevent corrosion through design and add value to the finished part. If you are interested in learning more about aluminum extrusion for industry with our custom or standard extrusions, give us a call at 508-824-8631.