We Understand the Industry Specific Needs for Custom Extrusion

custom aluminum extrusion for industryThere are plenty of options for businesses who require the services of aluminum extrusion manufacturers. However, finding a service provider that understands the specific needs, requirements, and demands of your industry can be a challenge. Silver City Aluminum has extensive experience working with many different industries right here in New England and around the globe. We have worked with automotive industry aluminum extrusion projects, proudly served the New England marine industry, and have created custom framing for aluminum doors and windows for some of the top industry leaders. Aerospace and aviation, transportation, consumer goods, construction and design – whatever industry you serve, our team can help you create solutions that will allow you to prevent corrosion through design and maximize the return on your investment.

Different Needs, Unique Solutions

Our clients come to us with industry demands and requirements that must be satisfied, whether to meet safety standards, assure the use of sustainable materials and practices, or to create innovative solutions. Aluminum extrusions are used in just about every industry and, whether we notice it or not, we use them in our everyday lives. In our homes, we have aluminum doors and windows, safety railings, appliances, and fixtures. Out in the world, our nation’s infrastructure depends heavily on aluminum extrusion for the construction of everything from highways and bridges to tunnels, pipelines, and the power grid. Automotive industry aluminum is just one way that extrusion is used – you can find aluminum extrusion at work for bus transit, commuter trains, freight railroads, New England marine industry terminals, aviation terminals, waterways, and other essential transportation systems.

There are many advantages to choosing to work with aluminum extrusion, some of which are even greater depending on the environment and demands of the industry. In addition to boasting a natural protective layer, it is possible to prevent corrosion through design with custom aluminum profiles to increase longevity even in hostile working conditions. The salty air, constant humidity, and moisture found in the marine industry can make it difficult to maintain the safety and integrity of some construction materials. However, aluminum extrusion offers many unique opportunities to not only sustain in this type of environment, but to increase longevity and dependability for parts, components, and products used in these conditions. Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians can help you find the best solutions based on your needs to meet or exceed industry standards.

Other Ways Aluminum Extrusion is Used

In addition to these common uses for standard and custom aluminum extrusion, some of our customers come to us with a need for even more extreme condition requirements. Massive stadiums, theme parks, gyms, office buildings, and infrastructure demands will often need solutions that offer more safety protections and features. We have provided services to military and defense manufacturers, electrical and energy companies, industrial and agricultural machinery developers, consumer goods developers, and construction applications that have strict industry requirements. Extreme weather conditions, including high and low-temperature fluctuations, freezing snow and ice, high winds, and corrosive environments, are just some of the situations we have helped our customers to overcome.

Manufacturing equipment is often exposed to highly abrasive, high temperature, chemical, and extreme use situations with some facilities operating 24 hours a day. Our team works with each client to determine the specific needs of the end-user, whether that is a consumer individual or a highly specialized machinist working at a manufacturing plant. We help each client to take advantage of the inherent qualities of aluminum, work with custom profiles to help prevent corrosion through design, and offer a wide range of finishing solutions to help increase protection, enhance function, and meet aesthetic needs. Aluminum is a very sustainable, environmentally-friendly material that can be used in many different ways to satisfy the unique demands of just about every industry.

Dedicated to Quality Control

At Silver City Aluminum, our entire team is dedicated to providing our customers with the absolute best standards of quality control at every phase of the manufacturing process. Whether you require solutions for the New England marine industry, need automotive industry aluminum to help meet fuel economy demands, or are looking for more efficient methods to manufacture aluminum doors and windows for commercial construction, we can help you to achieve your goals. Contact our team by calling 508-824-8631 and speak with one of our designers or engineers about your industry needs. We can answer any questions you might have about our standard and custom aluminum extrusion services, secondary operations, finishing solutions, and commitment to quality control.