Custom Aluminum Products: Maximize Material Benefits in Design

aluminum extrusion benefitsManufacturers choose to work with aluminum materials for many reasons. It is the most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust and can be recycled again and again without losing any of its inherent qualities, some of which are quite beneficial. The advantages of using aluminum have persuaded many different industries to embrace this versatile metal and use them in the development of custom aluminum products. While standard, stock profiles create aluminum extrusion that we use every day for rod and bar aluminum, many manufacturers have recognized the benefits of custom aluminum extrusion design. A variety of alloys can be used, depending on the intended use of the finished product, adding elements like copper, magnesium, silicon, and manganese to create specific properties and enhance the benefits even further.

Top Reasons to Choose Aluminum

Today’s manufacturers have a lot of choices to make when it comes to product design, whether they are creating solutions for consumers, commercial clients, or industrial use. There are many advantages of using aluminum for all types of designs, parts, components, and products. The automotive industry is just one example of engineers maximizing the benefits of aluminum to improve safety, fuel economy, and production costs. There are many other industries that have done the same, including mass transportation, industrial machinery, aviation, marine, construction, utility, electronics, and infrastructure.

  • Light Weight – Coming in at just about one-third the weight of steel, iron, copper, and brass, aluminum extrusions are easier to handle, cost less to ship, and provide an attractive alternative to developers who are looking to reduce the weight of a completed project. Some examples include automotive manufacturers, transportation, and other solutions where moving parts and fuel economy are essential.
  • High Strength – You will often read about the high strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum. While it is one-third the weight of steel and other common construction metals, the extrusion process helps to concentrate the strength of aluminum within the profile design wherever it is needed the most. While steel can become brittle in extremely cold temperatures, aluminum increases strength in cold weather, making it perfect for locations and applications where the temperature is a consideration.
  • Versatile – Custom aluminum extrusion or stock rod and bar aluminum shapes can be used across just about every industry, including military and defense, transportation, marine, electronics, consumer goods, construction, and much more. It is an extremely versatile material that can be used to create an unlimited array of custom aluminum products, parts, and components.
  • Flexible and Resilient – When you combine the strength of aluminum with its natural flexibility, infrastructure designs such as bridges, tunnels, highways, and other elements can benefit greatly. Aluminum can flex under extreme loads, spring back from the shock of impact, and provide greater strength and protection in situations where flexibility is required.
  • Resistant – One of the most remarkable attributes of aluminum is that it creates its own natural layer of resistance to corrosion. An oxide layer forms when aluminum comes in contact with oxygen, which will even repair itself after it is damaged in any way. Abrasion, chemical contact, and other types of damage are no match for this natural resistance, which can even be enhanced through the use of anodizing, powder-coating, and paint finishes.
  • Conductive – Aluminum provides excellent conductivity for electricity and heat. In fact, many people are unaware of the fact that aluminum is twice as conductive as costly copper, which can save developers considerably in manufacturing and provide even better results. Aluminum also conducts heat and cold better than other metals, making it the best choice for heat exchangers or heat dissipation.
  • Safety Features – Aluminum is non-toxic, non-combustible, non-magnetic, and non-sparking. It is the best choice for applications that involve explosive materials, for use in highly flammable environments, does not acquire a magnetic charge, can be used in high-voltage applications, does not burn at extremely high temperatures, and does not produce toxic fumes.
  • Reflective – Custom aluminum products are often designed to shield areas from radio waves, infrared radiation, or light because the surface of aluminum is highly reflective. This makes it perfect for simple consumer applications, such as lighting, as well as industrial tools where reflective protection is required for safety.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion

When you work with our team at Silver City Aluminum, you have the unique ability to embrace the advantages of using aluminum more fully. Whether you want a custom design or stock rod and bar aluminum, our team can help you maximize the return on your investment, offer insight and solutions that will help you to get more out of your project, and even help you to save time and money. Contact our engineers and designers today to start working on your standard or custom aluminum extrusion project by calling 508-824-8631. We can answer any questions you have about the advantages of using aluminum or schedule a FREE consultation to discuss your needs at length.